Why Can’t We Wear Fascinators Everyday?

FascinatorWhy can’t we wear fascinators everyday?!? Who is with me?  They are so fun, so they shouldn’t be just for Derby and Oaks time.  I think I am going to start a petition that fascinators should be part of the everyday dress code.

I personally love fascinators I even wore one at my wedding and had my bridesmaids wear them too. See they are not just for horse racing season! If you are looking for affordable ones The Hat Doctor has some of the most creative hats and fascinators I have seen.  Check out the one I am wearing in this post. I Love the bright color (anyone that knows me knows I am all about some color). Pairing opposing colors together makes me happy, like I did with this Kelly Green sweater from @bellemonteboutique  and fuchsia fascinator from The Hat Doctor that is detailed in feathers. And you know I always have to throw in a little leopard.

Are You a Hat Girl or A Fascinator Girl?

Either way The Hat Doctor has a  huge variety of hats and fascinators of all styles, colors and sizes. She gets creative and uses anything from pearls, to beads, to flowers to construct her designs. They are perfect for the horse racing season as well as for everyday. If you are like me you pick your headpiece first and then you build your outfit around it. So it is never too early to decide what your Kentucky Oaks and Derby fascinator will be. Check out The Hat Doctor’s selections here, where you will be sure to find the perfect affordable  hat or fascinator to start building your Kentucky Derby Festival outfits. Shop some of The Hat Doctors designs below.





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