Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day Inspo

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day Week!  Any big plans for the day of or Valentine’s weekend? Me… I will be hanging with the Hubs on the actual night and then going to the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour this weekend. Super excited! No matter what your Vday holds there is no reason not to have fun with it and be stylish while doing it. Need a little Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day Inspo? No worries I have you covered.

Zenni Optical  

Heart Shapped Glasses

How cute are these Zenni Blokz heart-shaped glasses perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter. These are the first commercially available prescription heart-shaped glasses and sunglasses. They are high quality sturdy frames that come in glossy, translucent colors. And they are sure to jazzy up any outfit, so use them as Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day Inspo for the rest of your outfit. The best thing about these lenses are that they are blue blockers. This means that they are specially designed to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted from any digital devices. This is especially needed in the days of social media. Starring at phones and computers for long periods of time can cause tired and irritated eyes, which none of us need.

Zenni Optical has high-quality fashionable eyewear at very affordable prices. They offer a large selection of prescription glasses online, as low as $6.95, that can be delivered right to your doorstep. So there is no reason not to have stylish everyday glasses and sunglasses.

Campo Viejo from Pernod Ricard

Red Wine

What would Valentine’s Day be like without wine!?! Good thing we don’t have to find out. This Vday you should be sipping on Campo Viejo Tempranillo. It has a rich aroma with a satisfying tastes of ripe red fruit, vanilla and coco.  If you are a red wine drinker you will love this palate and the fact that It is very affordable is always great in my book. This wine pairs well with small bites like light cheeses and grilled veggies so it is perfect for the Valentine’s Day appetizers. Campo Viejo Tempranillo is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Red Wine, Tempranillo


Ellen Tracy Cosmetics and Jewelry

Ellen Tracy, Serum, Skincare, Collagen

Video: Ellen Tracy Collagen Serum

On Galentine’s Day we want our skin to look its best so that is why Ellen Tracy’s Collagen Under Eye Serum should be at your fingertips. Ellen Tracy has a wide variety of cosmetics and skincare. The Collagen Under Eye Serum rejuvenates, restores and replenish your skins elasticity. Collagen helps reduce wrinkles, strengthen skin cells and combat dryness. It literally is a must for healthy skin. I use the Collagen Under Eye Serum morning and night to achieve optimal results. Another thing to love about  Ellen Tracy’s products are that they are cruelty free, which is definitely on my list when I am looking for makeup and skincare items. Shop Ellen Tracy Makeup and Skincare at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross and Burlington Stores.

Earrings, Ellen Tracy, Jewelry

In my book Jewelry is a must on Valentine’s Day. I will be wearing these Ellen Tracy Sterling Sliver Heart Dangle Earrings. Not only are they perfect for Vday , but they are perfect for everyday. I love that Ellen Tracy designs are timeless and can be worn by many types of women. Her jewelry is modern, which looks amazing at a  business meeting or on a night out with friends. Ellen Tracy jewelry is great quality and affordable. No girl can every have too much jewelry. So guys if you are still looking for that perfect gift… I Found It! And girls these would be an amazing Galentine’s Day gift.

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