Living Life Differently in 2020

Living Life Differently I am living life differently in 2020! Having a different outlook on business, relationships and everything in between. What about you? We should all have left the last decade learning lots about ourselves and using that to fuel the fire for our next one. I told  the hubs it’s the “Year of ME”. Meaning no more excuses, I am accomplishing all the goals I set my mind to and using all the knowledge I have gained in the past decade to do it. Who is with me?

Looking back what are the top three things that you have learned that you are taking with you in this next phase of life?  Me:

  • Entrepreneurship- Running businesses are not easy and I have acquired so many skills while doing it (good and bad). But what I have personally learned about myself is that I work better by myself when it comes to business. Basically I flourish when I call the shots. Don’t get me wrong I have people to help and bounce opinions and ideas off, but when it’s my name and brand I have to stick to my best judgement not anyone else’s.
      • What all I do:
        • Run Absolutely Alli (blog & Social Media)
        • YayMaker Louisville – locally crafted events held at bars, restaurants and other unique spaces where you can get creative making terrariums, candles, mosaics, paintings and more.
        • Absolutely Social: Helping people cultivate their digital lifestyle brand through Social Media Management & consulting or a social media check up.
  • Letting go of what is not working for me. I am sure that many of you can relate to this in your personal life or your work life. I have to let go of people that are on different paths (not necessarily all negative, some just different). Also getting rid of material things that serve no purpose in my life and ideas that will always be just ideas.
  • Being more Authentic and true to myself. There are so many things in this influencer world that I or other influencers can share, but a goal of mine is to share only things I love and I think that you will love. Showing you all the good and the bad. Not everything but just things I know others can relate too.

What are the top three things that you are leaving back in 2019 or before? Me:

  • Drama and negativity- Who needs it and has time for it? It’s draining and takes up too much mind space. Leave it and the bad vibes in the past.
  • Procrastination- I have spent too much time waiting…..on myself and others. This is the year of ME. To start I have bought event tickets and plane tickets to where I want to go and where I want to be and there is more to come! Many plans for my businesses are in works as well, so stay tuned!
  • Excuses- Reasons why I can’t succeed or do anything I want. Sometimes I am tired, sometimes I don’t know how to get from point A to point B in my business, and sometimes I plain just don’t want to. I am combatting all of this by planning and organizing my life. Wish me luck!

How will you be living life differently in 2020? Even if life and business were great for you in the last couple years there is always room for improvement.

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