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Welcome to Absolutely Social

Do you ever struggle with your social media? Looks no further Absolutely Social is here to help.

Wish you knew how to effectively communication your message visually and through your caption… get more engagement or just even more ideas of what to post about?

Well…let me help you. My name is Allison and I am the content creator, social media manager, digital strategist and entrepreneur of Absolutely Social. I work with women and men to help them build their digital lifestyle brand by monetizing their social media channels and expanding their following and reach, all though digital courses, live events, private consultations, and management.

Over the last couple of years of working to perfect my brand as a blogger and social media influencer, I have learned so much about the different social media platforms and what to do and what not to do. Including growing my own social media (@absolutely_alli ) to over 75K followers.

Social media can be a complete game changer within any business. Let me help you!

The more people begin to talk about you on social media the LESS you have to market yourself because they are doing that for you.

Imagine less money spent on marketing!

I know the importance of social media and how much it can change a business which is why I am offering:

Social Media Consulting & Social Media Management

Choose From:

Social Media Consulting for your Business

Influencer Consulting (Blog, Social Media Growth, LikeToKnow.It, Media Kit, Rate Sheet, etc.)

Social Media Profiles Management

Social Media Webinar or In-Person Class Event (panel or speaking)

Worksite Workshop Social Media Class

Who is this for??

Anyone who wants to learn more about social media

Someone who wants to grow their business through social media

An Influencer who wants to grow their following and work with brands

A Business owner who wants someone to manage their social media

People who what to make an income from social media

For more info or a free consultation fill out this google form: https://forms.gle/MGsiNuSo3mvRQaiP9

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Allison is so knowledgeable, a great teacher and gets things done. She’s very efficient and understands audiences and produces results. She has taken Louisville Bespoke social media and has doubled its audience with on brand and relevant posts. She knows how to grow your fan base and engage the audience. Every event we have sells out because she doesn’t skip a beat and she understands how to do contests and bring people together. She’s easy to work with and is always one step ahead of you. She is the only person I trust with my brand. –Yamilca, Founder of Louisville Bespoke

Rejoining the fashion design field after over a decade was challenging from a marketing standpoint. As a start up I learned from Allison Lewis the important role that social media plays in the fashion industry. She taught a class on the various social media platforms when I didn’t know what a hash tag was. Allison has also supported me as an influencer by wearing my designs on her blog. She has played an important role in some of my marketing decisions and I consider her to be a major asset to my marketing brand. –Renae, Designer of Anastasi Fashion Brand 

Alli literally changed the game for me! I’ve tried my hand at blogging and building my social media into more of an influencer type of profile multiple times, and never really got things going in a sustainable way. From the first session with Alli, she’s helped me see the potential in what I already have to offer, and shown me how to build on that. She’s helped the illusive puzzle pieces fit together for me, and I’m forever grateful for her training and mentorship! She’s just…the bomb! –Dr. Ashley D. Anderson, PhD, WHNP-BC www.AshleyDAnderson.com

Alli is amazing! She has helped me grow and expand my small business by leaps and bounds with her expertise in marketing and social media. I had virtually no experience with media and Alli was key in helping me navigate marketing and branding. She is an absolute joy to work with and really helps tailor her knowledge base and skills to what you need to help your business grow. I highly recommend her to every entrepreneur! ilana, @The.Hat.Doctor

Absolutely Social has grown our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in rapid time. Alli has developed a strategy of timely content, hashtags, and engagement that has allowed our Equine Motorcoaches, Equine RV’s and Equine Carriage Trailer product to become distributed to more targeted customers online. Social Media is a crucial part of our marketing strategy transmitting our message to a number of potential customers across all equestrian disciplines. @Equinemotorcoach