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Experts in the Social media field

Want to be a SOCIALpreneur? A SOCIALpreneur is someone who uses social media or some sort of online presences to build their brand through social selling, social marketing and more. Well The SOCIALpreneur Podcasts is bringing you experts in social media, social selling, and beyond as well as people who work with experts in theses fields. In this podcast I will be interviewing SOCIALpreneurs. Examples are Influencers, Motivational Speakers, PR and Marketing professionals, Entrepreneurs…..the list goes on!

Let me know if there is anyone in particular you would like to hear from by emailing me at [email protected] and put SOCIALpreneur Podcast in the subject line. What to know more about Alli click here.

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Season One


Social Media Stars, Podcast, Podcast about Social Media


PR and Social Media, Public Relations and Social Media, How to use Social as PR


SEO and Social Media, How to use SEO on Instagram and Facebook


Food and Influencer, How to be a food Influencer, How to take Food pictures, JCP Eats

How to be a social media Influencer

Branding and Social Media

Season Two

Podcast, Jeans

Networking, Podcast

Vision, Purpose

Boss Women, Entrepreneurship

Podcast, Women Entrepreneurs

Influence of women, Media for women

Travel Marketing, Tourism, Travel Blogger

Social Business Strategy, Podcast, Podcast for Women

How to become a speaker

Season Three

The SOCIALpreneur Podcast: Season 3 Episode 1

Podcast, Podcast to listen to


Podcast, Podcast to listen to, Fashion, Style

Podcast, News Anchor, Beauty Counter, Social Selling

Podcast, Rental properties, Vacation rental, Podcast to listen to