Supper Series at Omni’s Fall City Market

Steak, Steak dinner, Supper Series There is nothing better than a good supper right?!? Especially if you don’t have to cook it all by yourself. This is where the Supper Series at Omni’s Fall City Market  comes in.A collaborative meal where you can share in the wealth is an experience we all need to have.  I had the opportunity last week to check out the Supper Series at Omni’s Fall City Market that debuts to the public this Thursday January 30th. There will be a different themed meal each Thursday through the next five weeks. It is perfect for a girl’s night out, date night, wedding parties, and work team building events. Fall City Market is looking to have anywhere from 15-40 people at each of their supper series dates. If you even remotely like food you will love love love these events. You start the night with a charcuterie board and mingling with others, then you divide and conquer. You are partnered with your significant other, friend or coworker to prepare one part of the meal. So bring your cooking, dicing and slicing skills with you. No…but really the chef teaches you everything you need to know. You definitely come away with some knife skills, I know I did.  Not only is learning how to cook fun but the fact that you accomplishing something as a group makes this experience much better. The best part is when the food is cooked you sit down at a community table have a meal and get to know each other. This experience was truly enjoyable and well worth it. 

Upcoming Supper Series Themes and Dates

  • Jan 30: Steak & Date Night
  • Feb 6: Tapas Party
  • Feb 13: Love at First Bite Seafood Night
  • Feb 20: The Art of Charcuterie
  • Feb 27: Brunch for Dinner
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Collaborative Supper, Louisville

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Steak, Collaborative Dinner

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