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Makeup Monday: Urban Decay Naked Cherry

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Happy Makeup Monday!! I finally tried the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection, and it is good ya’ll!!! It is perfect for this holiday season because of the festive colors. My favorite is the eyeshadow palette and the lipstick color cherry. Check out my YouTube video here where I introduce the products, show you some swatches and explain my favorites.

Have you tried them yet? If not you should. You definitely won’t regret it. Shop items below.



Flex Friday

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Flex Friday or Fitness Friday whatever your fancy make it count. Lately I have not been making it count and I am definitely feeling it. This is the same old song and dance and I am ready to change it. Not as a New Year’s resolution but like now. I am ready for barre, cycling, and maybe another 1/2 marathon, who is with me? This is ridiculous, but it is my own fault. I should start a support group for the “I use to workout, but fell off”. Who wants to join? But in all seriousness I feel like I am ready to get back and I have noticed that I do better working out in the winter. There is no better time then present. And working out isn’t complete unless you have cute workout clothes right? Shop some of my favorite athleisure picks below.

                                                               Photography: Erin Trimble 

Makeup Monday: Pixi Matte Last

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Happy Makeup Monday!! Who is in the mood for some new matte lipstick?? I am always ready to try on a new lippie, especially if it is from Pixi Beauty. I have featured this brand on the blog and social media many times so there is no secret that I am a fan. They have great skincare and some amazing beauty products, all of which are affordable. Right now lipstick is my jam and I am loving Pixi’s MatteLast Liquid Lip. I like them because they are very pigmented, they have some great fall colors to choose from, and they do not dry your lips out. I did a couple swatches in my new YouTube video here. Check it out and let me know your favorite. Also, Pixi allowed me to create my own color so you can see me mixing it all together on the vlog.



                                                The colors I created with Pixi Beauty

Lipstick c/o Pixi Beauty

Makeup Monday: Pixi Glow

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Happy Makeup Monday!! I am trying to get that perfect Pixi Glow. If you have been following me for a while you know that I am a huge fan of Pixi Beauty. Their products are always light weight, super pigmented, and very affordable. Pixie is truly one of my favorites and these highlighters and eyeshadows are the bomb, if  I do say so myself! Check out my review on them in my YouTube video here.

What are you favorite Pixi Beauty Products? Shop mine below.



Makeup Monday: Flower Beauty

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Happy Makeup Monday!! Today I am trying some new products from Flower Beauty, the makeup collect from Drew Barrymore. I have to say I am loving their Lash Warrior mascara. It has truly become my go to and I wear it almost everyday. It makes my lashes look super long and they don’t clump together. Also the whole collection is affordable and cruelty free. Check out my new YouTube video on two of my favorite Flower Beauty products (here).


Makeup c/o Flower Beauty

Makeup Monday: Urban Decay Born to Run Collection

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Happy Makeup Monday!! Have you tried the new Urban Decay Born to Run Collection?? I had the opportunity to try it this weekend and I love the eyeshadow palette. It is complete with mattes, metallics and shimmers; as well as a wide variety of colors. So there is basically something for everyone. The collection also has three different lipsticks and eyeliners for you to choose from. Check out my YouTube review on the collection here and let me know what you think about the new products.


Bachelorette Party Dress

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Next month I am preparing to head to my bachelorette party in one of my favorite cities, NYC, with a few of my best girls. I wanted to do something a little different. I have been to Vegas multiple times and knew I didn’t want to go there. I am not a huge beach person, so Miami was out of the question (not because I don’t like water or sand, but because I am allergic to the sun, which is a pain).  I am a city girl and what is one of the the best cities in the world? NYC of course!

In anticipation of this upcoming weekend I am already planning out outfits to wear. The first one is this sequins dress, which is perfect for the party, and that is when I attend to wear it. This will be my going out dress. Comfortable, a statement in itself; it is a great dress for a night out on the town with the girls. I paired it with sliver heels and a red lip to give a little pop of color. Looking forward to sharing more of my NYC looks. Shop this one below!


                                                          Photography by Erin Trimble

Makeup Monday: Pop Beauty Brows

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Happy Makeup Monday!! Today I am working with POP Beauty to bring you their new brow essentials. Who doesn’t love a nice arched brow? I can’t think of anyone. So that is why POP Beauty has created the Brow Duette and the Peak Performance Brow. Two different products to help you shape the perfect brow. Both of these come in three different shades so that they can match your eyebrow color. They are easy to use and last all day. These two products have become an important part of my everyday makeup routine. Check out my review below or on YouTube here.