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Skincare, Derma-E, Vitamin CWe are all looking for great skincare to combat our skin’s needs. I practice healthy skincare with Derma-E for glowing skin.Lets face it….as we get older there is a need to take better care of our skin. We want it to look ageless, right? Let me recommend healthy skincare with Derma-E. I have used this brand for years. And I especially love their Vitamin C line.  Derma-E has added a couple new products in this line like the Cleansing Paste and Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches. But lets not forget some of the OG’s like the Renewing Moisturizer, and Concentrated Serum. The reason why I love this line so much is because the Vitamin C improves skins brightness, hydration and evens out skin tones. Three products from this line that you need to add to your routine are:

Vitamin C Bright Eyes Hydro Gel Patches

These are my jam!! Ladies (and also Men) If you have tired eyes, dark circles, or had a late nights. You wear them for 10 mins. They have allantoin, caffeine, and vitamin B3. It provides hydration and awakens eyes.

Vitamin C Daily Gentle Cleansing Paste 

I like this cleansing paste because it doubles as an everyday cleanser and a mask for your face and hands. Golden turmeric and ancient rice works to brighten skin as it cleanses and exfoliates

Vitamin C Concentrated Serum 

You need to be using a serum! Why you ask? To diminish fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and even skin tone. This Derma-E Concentrates Serum brightens skin and boost collagen. It has vegan hyaluronic acid and 5% level of stabilized Vitamin C.

Cheers to great skincare!!


Vitamin C, Derma-E, Eye Patches, Brighter Eyes

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