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It is summer time and I am trying to Beat the Heat. What about you? When it is warm outside I love to try new products and I have found some good ones that I cannot wait to share with you.

Tree Hut Sugar Face Scrubs

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub, Beat the Heat

Anyone that knows me and has been following for awhile knows I love some skincare, and scrubs are right up my alley. These Tree Hut Sugars Face Scrubs are the bomb! I really want to say balm, like skincare…but I will refine. Anyway, Tree Hut’s Sugar Scrubs are 100% natural exfoliants. If you have dry skin or impurities these scrubs can make a full complexion feel replenished and new again. The scrubs are made with natural sugar exfoliants that get rid of patches of dry skin and cleanse your pores like no other.

Beat the Heat, Tree Hut

This Purifying Blueberry & Turmeric Face Scrub contains Vitamin A & E. I love it because it smooths out blemishes, leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturized and and refreshed. And we all know that Turmeric is amazing and that is no different when we use it for our skincare. It calms, purifies and tones your skin.

Sugar Scrub

Skincare is totally great to beat the heat and hydration is number one on my list. This Hydrating Watermelon & Cactus Water Sugar Face Scrub does just that. Since watermelon is a humectant, it prevents moisture loss, while gently exfoliating the skin. Cactus Water provides electrolytes and antioxidants, that provides and promotes hydration.

If you are looking for fresher, toned and smooth textured skin, Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs contain  Alpha Hydroxy Acid , which do just that. I use these scrubs 1-2 times a week and they have made a huge difference in my overall complexion.


Superfeet, Insoles

Ok these Superfeet Everyday Insoles are right up my alley because I have foot and ankle problems. They are literally a godsend and being flat footed I need all the support I can get. I paired them with my tennis shoes (runners as my husband calls them, Lol!).  The best part is that they have memory foam that molds to my feet and provides so much comfort on a long day.

I love the contoured shape that helps support my heels and my falling arches. This works to relieve pain on my aching feet. The extra support is much needed for those who are on their feet most of the day. Superfeet Insoles are not like other insoles I have tried. The comfort level is next to none and each pair comes with instructions on how to get your perfect fit. Needless to say, I am getting multiple pairs to go in every pair of shoes I own.

Flat feet

Halo Sport Hydrating Powders

Halo Hydration, Halo Sport

I am always looking for ways to rehydrate myself. Halo on the go hydration powders does just that, but without the excess sugar and added ingredients that are not so good for you. Summer time is prime time to hydrate and replenish your electrolytes, and there is no better way to beat the heat than to load up on the vitamins and minerals that Halo Hydration has. 1200mg of Vitamin C to boost immunity, B Vitamins for energy and metabolism support, and only 15 calories and 1g of sugar. I am all about healthy hydration and Halo does that for me.

Use code HALO20 for 20% off here.

Halo, Hydration on the go

The Secret Keeper of Jaipur

The Secret Keeper of Jaipur

I am always looking for summer reads and this one didn’t disappoint. For awhile there I didn’t make time to indulge myself, but  this summer I am really making up for this. One book I am loving is The Secret Keeper of Jaipur, by New York Times Bestselling Author Alka Joshi. This book is the sequel to The Henna Artist (a Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club pick) , but you don’t have to read the first one to dive into this one and be captivated.

If you are in a book club I would definitely suggest The Secret Keeper of Jaipur as one to add to the list. In this novel henna artist Lakshmi, organizes intern Malik to learn the ropes at the Jaipur Palace. During this time he uncovers buried secrets and sets out to learn the truth.

Alka Joshi, Books to read

Sky Organics Skincare

Sky Organics, Skincare

If you have been following me for awhile you know I have been using Sky Organics for a long time. And the Sky Organics Blemish Control Collection did not disappoint:  Bentonite Clay Detox Mask, Clarifying Facial Toner, and Spot Treatment. I love Sky Organics because each product is responsibly made and sourced, and they use quality ingredients that are tested by humans.

The Bentonite Clay Detox mask is legit a staple in my weekly skincare routine. It is made with bentonite and kaolin clays that pull out the toxins and impurities that are caused by life.

The Clarifying  Facial Toner keeps skin looking fresh by reducing oiliness. It smoothes and refreshes with witch hazel and lavender and is gentle enough to use morning and night.

The Spot Treatment is used to target those blemishes on the spot. Consisting of a blend of black cumin seed, tea tree oils, and organic white willow bark. This one is a must, seriously! You can feel it working. I use it in the morning and evening when I am trying to target an imperfection on my skin.

Clay Mask, Detox

Skincare, spot treatment

What products are you using to beating the heat this summer?

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