Dryel is the Fraction of the Cost of Dry Cleaners


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Being stuck in the house for a while, I am ready to get out. Who is with me?? If so, dig way back in your closet and find those fancy gowns and your dry clean only pieces because Dryel is here to freshen them up and make them feel and look like new for the fraction of the cost of dry cleaners. Save with Dryel, and let’s get back out in the world because It has been way too long.

Save with Dryel

If you have not heard of Dryel, it  is an at home dry cleaning kit that gives you the freedom to clean your favorite and most delicate clothing at home for the fraction of the cost of dry cleaners. It truly is a time and money saver for those on a budget. Dryel removes bacteria and odors from your favorite pieces that are dry clean only, special care, or hard to clean.

Using Dryel not only saves you money but it allows your clothes to look newer longer, protects colors and restores shape and is gentle on your fabrics…..so no fading, shrinking, or stretching.

Dryel is perfect for everyone, especially those seeking inexpensive alternatives,  but still need to keep their work or special occasion pieces looking their best. It is super simple and quick  to use. All you have to do is pre-treat with stain pen,  spray your items with the odor and wrinkle release, and then add them to the fabric protection bag. Lastly place them in your dryer on medium heat for 15-30 mins. Then, enjoy!

Below are a couple of my favorite dresses I keep looking like new with Dryel. Aussie my dog approves. Show me what pieces in your wardrobe that you save on using Dryel.

Find Dryel at Walmart, Target or your favorite grocery store.

Dry Cleaner, Fabric Care, Dryel is the Fraction of the Cost of Dry Cleaners

Thank you for Dryel for sponsoring this post. 

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