Having A Staycation at the New Omni Louisville

A week ago I had the privilege of venturing around and staying at the new Omni Louisville (as a early birthday gift). The hotel did not disappoint. The interior design and architecture is definitely top notch. Not only are the rooms impeccable the restaurants, market, boutique, and speakeasy are a must even if you do not stay for the night. The hotel is complete with two dine-in restaurants, Neighborhood Services and Bob’s Steak and Chop House, both are well worth your time and money.  If you are just in the mood for a drink try The Library; a bar designed to look like a public library, or Pin + Proof; a speakeasy with a bowling alley (which is a lot of fun).
 Lets talk about the Fall City Market….I’m in love with this concept. It’s perfect…Heine Bros. (coffee shop for the non-locals), a wine shop, a flower shop, an actual grocery, and a couple different dining spaces to choose from. I mean you could quite easily spend a couple hours just in this space.
The Omni also has all the upscale amenities such as Mokara Spa, a state of the art gym, and a rooftop pool with a bar called The Water Company. It really has everything you need to enjoy a couple days off from the real world or host a big event, such as a wedding or conference. I am totally ready to move in. This is a possibility since they have luxury apartments (details here).
What do you wear for a staycation? Comfy casual, of course! As I did here. I took black leggings paired them with a bell sleeved sweatshirt (which are really the trend right now), and my favorite leopard print flats. What is your favorite staycation outfit? shop mine below.

Neighborhood Services Restaurant 

Miller & Co Boutique 
The Library 



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