Red Has Always Been My Color

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Everyone has a color that looks good on them right? I feel like I have many, but one of my favorites is red. I mean it is such classic color. It adds brightness to a somewhat neutral ensemble. The best part about this red sweater is the twist in the back. That little details gives this outfit so much more. I paired it with leopard print jeans, which I always say is a neutral, and finished with a tan pair of mules. I kept it simple, and sometimes that is the best option. This outfit is perfect for a casual date night, such as dinner and a movie. Shop it below.


                                                             Photography: Erin Trimble 

White Dresses for Bridal Shower

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If you are a bride you have to prepare yourself for all the bridal showers heading your way. It is an exciting time to say the least, but what do you wear? White of course! You definitely have to stand out as the bride. So let me suggest a dress. Right now is the perfect time to find one. This season there are so many stylish dresses. You should definitely stock up for the the multiple showers, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner.

The dress I have on in this post (which I have had for awhile) is perfect for a bridal shower. It is sleek, two-tone (but mostly white), and the perfect length. I added some color with this turquoise necklace and brick color lipstick and a bit of pattern with leopard heels. I finished the outfit with a taupe clutch, which with be on rotation all summer.

What did you wear to your bridal shower? Shop some of my picks below.


                                                       Photography by Erin Trimble 

Having A Staycation at the New Omni Louisville

A week ago I had the privilege of venturing around and staying at the new Omni Louisville (as a early birthday gift). The hotel did not disappoint. The interior design and architecture is definitely top notch. Not only are the rooms impeccable the restaurants, market, boutique, and speakeasy are a must even if you do not stay for the night. The hotel is complete with two dine-in restaurants, Neighborhood Services and Bob’s Steak and Chop House, both are well worth your time and money.  If you are just in the mood for a drink try The Library; a bar designed to look like a public library, or Pin + Proof; a speakeasy with a bowling alley (which is a lot of fun).
 Lets talk about the Fall City Market….I’m in love with this concept. It’s perfect…Heine Bros. (coffee shop for the non-locals), a wine shop, a flower shop, an actual grocery, and a couple different dining spaces to choose from. I mean you could quite easily spend a couple hours just in this space.
The Omni also has all the upscale amenities such as Mokara Spa, a state of the art gym, and a rooftop pool with a bar called The Water Company. It really has everything you need to enjoy a couple days off from the real world or host a big event, such as a wedding or conference. I am totally ready to move in. This is a possibility since they have luxury apartments (details here).
What do you wear for a staycation? Comfy casual, of course! As I did here. I took black leggings paired them with a bell sleeved sweatshirt (which are really the trend right now), and my favorite leopard print flats. What is your favorite staycation outfit? shop mine below.

Neighborhood Services Restaurant 

Miller & Co Boutique 
The Library 



Transitioning to Spring with Pattern and Color

Some days it might not feel like it, especially with this crazy snow, but the first day of Spring is literally around the corner. I am looking forward to warmer weather and bright colors as you can see from my outfit. This Spring I am all about the bold solids and leopard anything. In my book leopard will always be a neutral, and this blouse compliments almost any bold color you can find. For this outfit I paired a yellow blazer with cream and gold details, with this leopard blouse. If that was not enough pattern and color I added a pop of red with a clutch and lipstick. Finishing the look with black leggings and spiked heels. This will definitively be a go to for the warmer weather. What does you Spring outfit look like? Shop mine below.

Wifey to Be

Wifey to be….that’s me! Wedding prep is definitely underway and September will be here before you know it. Planning on doing a monthly wedding update here on the blog starting in February. So stay tuned!! Now on to this post…

Freezing temperatures and snow covered ground. Who is ready for spring? I have had my fix of the cold and I am almost ready to see it go. Although I do love cold weather clothing, this getting up and wondering if the roads are drivable is not idea. Anyway, I am loving this outfit I have on in this post. My puffy vest collection has been on full rotation during the cold months. I paired this one with leggings that have leather accents, my black wifey sweatshirt (which is most important), a leopard print scarf and tank, and ducks boots (which I am truly thankful for in this weather). What is your favorite snow day outfit? Shop mine below.



Over-Sized Sweater

When you have one or two warm days in December you take advantage of them. The best way to do that is with an oversized sweaters. I love a good roomy one, they are so comfortable, right? They go great with skinny jeans or leggings. I paired mine with jeans, leopard print flats to give it a little bit of flair (if you have been reading or following for awhile you know anything leopard print is all me), and to complete the look I chose one of may favorite crossbodies. I kept the colors neutral so each piece can be worn as separates are paired with others to create a whole new look. What’s you favorite oversized sweater look?

Instagram Lately

It has been awhile since I have done an Insta Roundup, so I thought it was time.
Today on the blog I am sharing some of my favorite fall outfits from the blog and Instagram. Many of them easy to recreate with items in your closet. What has been your favorite fall trends? Mine are peep toe booties and I am always a fan of leopard. Fringe is the trend on my list next to style. Shop my recent outfits and accessories below.


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Leopard & Denim

Happy Friday! What’s on your weekend agenda? I hope something fun. Mine?  Playing catch up as usual. But I won’t let a busy weekend cause me not to be stylish. And you shouldn’t either!  It is easy to plan out an outfit that can carry you though the weekend. Like this one I styled below. 
Take a simple pair of skinny jeans that almost everyone has in their wardrobe, pair it with a shirt that has a patterned or flattering design to give it some flair. I love this leopard print button down from the IHXDay curated collection (found here). It is a staple in my closet, because like I always say leopard is a neutral and can go with almost any solid color. 
I accessorized with a black cross body that had gold accents, a pair of hoop earrings and basic black heels. This outfit is simple and easy to create. It can take you from day to night throughout the weekend. During the day throw on some flats to run errands or go to a game. At night rock the heels for date night or girls night out.
What is your favorite pattern? Obviously mine is leopard! Shop this outfit below.

End of Summer

Summer days are ending and fall will be among us sooner than we know. So what will you wear to transition between the hot and cold weather?

You don’t have to put away all your summer attire. How I like to transition is by layering. Take one of your favorite summer dresses, like I did here and add a denim jacket. This is great for cold mornings and warm afternoons. Cardigans, blazers, and jean jackets are idea for transitioning weather. Another  item for those days where temperatures fluctuate at a very high range of degrees are peep-toe shoes. You aren’t completely giving up the open toes yet. Peep-toes come in flats, heels and booties and work well for those in-between days.

What is your favorite fall item to wear? Shop my latest transition look below.


Makeup Monday: Unboxing with No7 Beauty

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Happy Makeup Monday! Today I am partnering with No7 beauty to bring you Fall skincare and Fall makeup colors in their new collection.

No7’s Youthful Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Essence will give you brighter, healthier, and more radiant skin within two weeks. Who doesn’t want more Youthful skin? As we age our skin loses its radiant glow. The more stress we have in our life the more dull and dry our skin seems to be, so we need to combat this with Vitamin C. I think No7 Beauty has perfected that in this product and your skin will definitely show the difference.

A beauty tip I live by is that I always make sure I use a primer before I apply makeup to my skin. This adds the perfect base between your skin and your makeup, which allows it to adhere to your skin and last all day. It leaves your makeup looking flawless and healthier.

No7 Beauty has some awesome makeup products for Fall. Their Lash Impact Ultra gives you the volume of false lashes without the false lashes. I think that is something we can all get behind. Also No7’s High Shine Lip Gloss looks great by itself or over your favorite lipstick, which can give your lips the extra shine it needs. I personally love their Trio Eyeshadow Palettes because it is all you need to make your eyes look dramatic and great for travel too.

What are some of your favorite Fall beauty products? Shop mine below. Also check out my unboxing video on these No7 Beauty items, here or below.


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