Using Traditional Marketing To Funnel Social Media Traffic

Using Traditional Marketing To Funnel Social Media Traffic

We’ve seen the landscape of marketing change dramatically over the past decade or so, with digital platforms taking center stage. Yet, there’s something undeniably powerful about traditional marketing methods. Some real magic can happen when you blend these age-old strategies with the dynamism of social media. Let’s look at some ways this fusion can create an amazing funnel to drive traffic to your social media channels.

The Undeniable Charm Of Print Media

Let’s start with print media. It’s tangible, credible, and has a certain nostalgia. But how does this tie into boosting your social media presence? Think of something like handing out sleek, well-designed brochures at a local event. Each brochure includes not just your brand story and offerings but also a QR code linking to your website. Another thing some brands are doing, is printing transparent stickers of their brand logo and including them in packaging. When customers stick these on their laptops, guitars, or even their cars, it can help funnel traffic straight to your online channels. This subtle touch encourages people to connect with you online, creating a bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

Harnessing The Power Of Direct Mail

Direct mail, often overlooked, holds tremendous potential. Especially to certain market segments, like the older demographics. It’s personal, direct, and has a high open rate. Imagine sending out postcards to your local community or existing customer base. These aren’t just any postcards; they’re crafted with compelling visuals and messages that lead recipients to your social media for exclusive content or promotions. It’s an inviting way to bring offline audiences online.

Outdoor Advertising: A Canvas For Creativity

Billboards and posters aren’t just for big brands. They can be a creative canvas for you too. Strategically placed in high-traffic areas, they can grab attention and pique curiosity. Think bold, catchy slogans that hint at your social media campaigns. This visibility not only amplifies brand awareness but also nudges onlookers to check out your social platforms.

Leveraging Community Events

Community events are a goldmine for personal interactions. Participating or sponsoring these events can give you direct access to a captive audience. It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand personality and build genuine connections. Hand out samples, share stories, and gently guide people to join your social media family for more such interactions.

The Radio Connection

Radio might seem like a blast from the past, but it’s still relevant. A well-timed radio ad, with a mention of your social media channels, can reach a wide audience, especially during commutes. It’s about creating a memorable auditory experience that leads listeners to seek you out online.

In-Store Experiences

If you have a physical store, leverage it! Your store is not just a place to sell products; it’s a platform to encourage social media engagement. Creative in-store signage that promotes your social media contests or hashtags can engage customers and encourage them to connect with you online.

Merging traditional marketing with social media isn’t just about using old tools; it’s about rethinking them for the digital age. Each channel supports and amplifies the other. This synergy can drive more traffic to your social media, enriching your online community with diverse audiences. Remember, it’s not about choosing one over the other; it’s about how well you can make them work together for your brand’s unique story. 


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