How To Travel With Only Hand Luggage

How To Travel With Only Hand Luggage

If you want to travel, one thing that might have held you back in the past was the cost, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore – there are now lots of low-cost airlines from which you can buy tickets that cost very little indeed. When you’re also able to use the internet to find cheap accommodation, suddenly getting away from it all for the weekend (or maybe even a little longer) doesn’t seem completely out of reach anymore. 

Of course, the more money you can save, the better, especially if you’d rather have money to spend when you arrive and not have to spend all your budget on your travel and somewhere to stay. One option that might appeal is only traveling with hand luggage and not checking a bag in at all because that’s something many airlines now charge for. If that’s something that would boost your budget, keep reading to find out how to do it right. 

Choose The Right Bag

If you want to travel with only hand luggage, that luggage itself has to be perfect – you’ll need to think about that before you can even consider what you might want to pack because if the bag you pick isn’t right, you might actually have to check it anyway – or it might just be hard to carry around or fit everything – it’s definitely worth taking the time to find the ideal bag. 

Every airline has specific sizes that they’ll accept when it comes to hand luggage, so find that out, and then you can start searching for a great bag on a quality site like Travaloo. However, there are other things to think about to help narrow down your search, such as the material the bag’s made from, whether it needs a lock, whether it should have wheels, and so on. Although the size is the most important thing to get right, the other considerations will ensure you’re happy with your final choice. 

Know What Not To Pack

If you only have one small bag to pack things in, it’s crucial to know what you don’t need to take just as much as it’s important to know what you do want to take, otherwise you might not pack the essentials and discover too late that you made a mistake. 

Take a look at your accommodation and find out if it offers laundry services, or if there’s somewhere close by where you can wash your clothes. If that’s the case, you’ll only have to take a few items and just make the time to wash everything a few times while you’re away, for example. 

Then there’s the electronics, books, and other leisure activities you might want to bring. Again, you’ll need to think carefully about what to take and be honest about what you’ll need – don’t take things ‘just in case’ because you’ll quickly run out of space. 

Wear Things

As odd as it might seem, if you really can’t fit all the things you want to take in your hand luggage, you might have to wear some of them. We don’t mean layering up so you’re uncomfortable and bulky, but if you want to take a jacket with you, it’s better to wear it than to try and pack it – it’ll take up too much space if you try to cram it in your bag. 

Think about what you could wear that would free up space, and if there really isn’t anything, then you might have to bite the bullet and get a larger bag to check into the hold – but try to avoid that first if you want to save money.


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