How To Do Laundry When Traveling

How To Do Laundry When Traveling

If you’re traveling for an extended period, you’ll inevitably have to do your laundry at some point, especially if you’re planning to pack light. You don’t want to walk around looking unkempt, and the last thing you want is to spend money buying new clothes to replace the dirty ones. Granted, no one looks forward to laundry when planning a trip, but it’s necessary to wash your clothes so you can stay clean and fresh. Whether you’re flying or heading for a road trip, here are some ways to do your laundry when you travel

One of the first and probably the most convenient options is to look for a laundry service near you. Thankfully, these services have increased in numbers and become so popular that you’ll find them in almost every street corner of a modern city. So, before you set off, do a quick online search of laundry services in your destination, preferably those closer to your hotel or accommodation. Read online reviews to know how reliable (or otherwise) they are, and check out their star ratings. You might have to search in your destination country’s official language in some cases. For example, if you’re traveling to Malaysia, you might have to search for a dobi layan diri, which means “laundry self-service” in the Malaysian language. Alternatively, you can ask a trusted local, like a hotel attendant or taxi driver, for the best laundry services in the location. If you don’t mind stretching your legs a bit, consider a quick stroll around the neighborhood to search for such services on your own. 

Not everyone prefers to use laundry services. If you’re one of such, and you’re comfortable with handling your laundry tasks on your own, then consider using the washing machines in your hotel. Almost every decent hotel and hostel has a laundry room open to its residents. Most of these machines are coin-operated, so you can get your laundry done in a breeze. But don’t assume; do some research or conduct some inquiries before booking an accommodation if you want to handle your laundry by yourself. Otherwise, look for accommodation options that come with private or exclusive-use washing machines. Holiday villas, in particular, offer such exclusive services.

But what do you do if you can’t access a hotel washing machine or a laundry service? Well, you’ll have to do your laundry the old way – hand washing. This option is the most convenient for travelers on a tight budget, as laundry services and hotel washing machines come with extra charges. Before choosing this option, though, it’s best to pack clothes made with fabrics that are easy to wash by hand. You also want fabrics that dry faster, even without adequate sunlight. Also, consider packing a portable travel clothesline or a simple string you can use outdoors, laundry soap, and a universal sink plug. 

Going about your day in clean clothes is essential, even if you are traveling for business or pleasure. Hopefully, you’ll consider the tips discussed above for the desired outcome. 


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