Could You Do More To Be Active Day To Day? Here’re Some Options To Consider

Could You Do More To Be Active Day To Day? Here’re Some Options To Consider

When it comes to fitness and exercise we all know that it is really good for us, but yet, not all of us do as much of it as we should. Exercise is proven to be a great way to defeat things such as depression and anxiety, and can help you to feel more energized during the day. But often getting started can be the hardest part. This might be because of the way that you are exercising, not everyone loves to go to the gym on their own. So here are some of the ways that you can be more active day to day. 

Try out workouts online 

One of the first things that you may need to do is to consider doing workouts online. This can be a lot more convenient as you can do them at home. You can sign up to an online program and join in on live feeds, or you could simply go on to platforms like YouTube and seek out different workouts. From dance to HIIT you are bound to find something that will help you to get started with fitness and being active once more. Further to that, this could be the encouragement that you need to get back into some regular exercising routines that can fit around your lifestyle. 

Change up simple activities 

Small changes to your usual routine can be a great way to increase your activity throughout the day. For example, if you are heading to the shops, use a basket instead of pushing a trolley. The weight from the basket is great for your arms. Why not park further away than you need to, or take the stairs instead? Sometimes these small changes can be significant, especially when you implement them every day. Even cleaning vigorously around your home, or setting a timer to get as much done in an hour can increase your heart rate, in a good way. 

Get a personal trainer or a personal coach

The next thing that you may want to think about is to get yourself a personal trainer. The main issue you may have had when it comes to working out or exercising is not really being too sure what you should or shouldn’t be doing to help you achieve your goals. A personal trainer will then help to design a workout that suits the needs and what you want to achieve. Whether that is increasing fitness levels or losing weight. 

You could also look at a personal coach who could help you in all aspects of your life that will be to do with body transformation. It is a great way to understand what help you might need.

A quick look online will give you an insider view of trainer vs coach to see what sort of option would suit your long term goals. 

Consider alternative options 

Maybe it is time that you start considering other ways that you can be more active. This could be things such as heading to an aerobics or dance workout class instead of actually going to the gym. It might be that you would be better suited to things such as yoga or mixing things up with a swimming session or a run. Maybe you could sign up to a charity campaign to help you feel motivated? They do some great obstacle courses and different runs that you could consider. 

It is all about thinking how you can increase your activity each day, and it often doesn’t mean grueling gym sessions. If you have kids or pets, then this is a great excuse to get more active. A quick runaround with them in the garden or taking them to the park is a great way to increase your activity. You don’t always need to do the same sorts of exercising, and it might be that mixing things up will help you to stay motivated and inspired to be more active. 

Walking can work wonders 

Finally, walking is actually going to be one of the best things that you can do each day that will help you to stay active. Making a commitment to walk for thirty minutes each day can be a great way to increase your fitness levels on a more gradual basis. Walking can also be great for your mentally, and it can be something that you can do each day without feeling like you are having to do something such as a gym workout or a class. Mixing this up with other levels of exercise can be the right way to help you become active. 

Let’s hope that these options have inspired you to be more active each day. 


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