The Perfect Summer Shirt Dress

Perfect Shirt DressI personally love a shirt dress! The fit, the crisp lines and the design can make the perfect summer shirt dress for the season.I am totally a dress girl. They are so easy to throw on and go for so many occasions.  That is why the perfect summer shirt dress is a must. I really love them because they are great for almost all body types, you can wear them for work or for a social gathering with friends and family. You can find shirt dresses at all price points to fit your budget.

The design of each is what makes it so funny. You can get as colorful and neutral as you want. The more solid the color, the more you can dress it up with accessories like bright wedges and jewelry. When the print is busy, you want to go for more solid accessories. Ones that do not have much detail or print. Like the wedges I am wearing in this post. They are blush tone and a neutral since the shirt dress is very colorful.

All in all summer is the perfect time to refresh your dress collection. Shop some of my favorite shirt dresses below.

Absolutely Alli

Dress, Summer Dress

Colorful Shirt Dress

Affordable Shirt Dresses

Affordable Summer Dresses

Bright and Colorful Dress Designs

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