Healthy at Home: Quarantine Essentials

Healthy at Home, Quarantine Essentials

I know that being at home for this extended period of time can seem overwhelming, and we realize that it is for the best. But sometimes you need some key items to get you through. Check out some of my favorite Healthy at Home: Quarantine Essentials below.

One– We all can use a little relaxation. Why not try a nice hot bath with these Chill Pill Bath Bombs.

Two– When is the last time you worked out?? Physically fitness helps relive stress and it helps you sleep better. Try these exercise bands with instructional guide.

Three– Wash Your Hands! Wash Your Hands! Wash Your Hands! That is all.

Four– We all know the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. These are the best! There is no perfect time to build up your immunity.

Five– Essential oils are great for your mood and to clear the air, but first you need a diffuser. This one goes well with your home decor.

Six– Comfy shoes to wear around the house and walk to the mailbox.

Seven– Sleepless or restless nights call for concealer. This one is my favorite.

Eight– Lots of couch time during quarantine. Be cozy with this warm throw.

Nine– Cortisol Manager helps with sleep, stress, and cortisol levels in the body

Ten– Leggings…what more do I need to say. These are stylish, high waisted, and comfortable.

Eleven– We all know the benefits of essential oils, here is an affordable starter set.

Twelve– Time for some new PJ’s. These are affordable and stylish.

What are your Healthy at Home: Quarantine Essentials?

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