Avoid These First Time Makeover Mistakes


Avoid These First Time Makeover Mistakes, makeover, glam, haircare, skincare

There are tons of first-time makeover mistakes you can make, especially when you aren’t used to it. You should never feel like you have to please others, and a makeover should be to please yourself. So, if you are dipping your toe in the beauty water, here are some things to avoid.

Using the Nearest Local Services

For certain things, such as getting a haircut or skin treatments, try to use the best services you can afford. Cheaper local services are typically cheap for a reason. And it is sad but true that there are beauty salons that employ unqualified staff and use fake products, often willingly! There may be excellent local services you can use. But the best advice is to look for the ones with great online reviews on directories and Google and carefully read what people say.

Misunderstanding Body Shape

A core part of a personal makeover is reassessing what you wear. You can go for years wearing unflattering clothes that don’t accent your best assets. Most wardrobe malfunctions come from not understanding the body shape you have. There are many, and these include triangle, hourglass and inverted triangle. It’s a complex system, but it really pays off when you understand which one you have because you can find the clothes that fit you the best.

Following Trends for a First-Time Makeover

Following trends is nothing new. But it has hit an all-time high thanks to the internet, social media, and celebrity culture! Recent data shows that in the United States, 2 in 3 teenagers follow influencers on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. To be fair, most know what they are talking about. But you need to understand that they don’t know you personally. What works for their face, body type, and skin won’t necessarily work for their audience and you!

Not Learning How to Apply Makeup

One of the telltale signs that you are new to makeovers and makeup is looking like you’ve been blasted in the face with the clown gun! Any makeup artist worth their salt will tell you that less is often more. The point of good makeup is to hide imperfections while highlighting your best features. This is very hard to do and takes a long time to get right. Watching YouTube tutorials and figuring out what processes work best for you can be a massive help when getting started.

Neglecting How You Feel About It

What are you even doing getting a makeover if it isn’t to please yourself? Never change who you are to please someone else; that’s not fair. It will also cause immense pressure on your mental health. Always think about how a makeover is making you feel. If you don’t like it, then start over. No one admits it, but it takes a long time for most people to find their personal style that makes them feel better about themselves. Try different styles until you find what you need!


Using the nearest and cheapest salons are first-time makeover mistakes that many of us have made. You may also waste your time following trends set by influencers who don’t know your style. It helps to consider how you feel about anything you are changing about yourself.

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