8 Things You Should Always Do Before Investing in a Piece of Jewelry


8 Things You Should Always Do Before Investing in a Piece of Jewelry

Investing in a piece of jewelry is a lot like dating – you want to make sure it’s the right one before you commit. Whether it’s a sparkle for your finger or a dazzle for your neck, picking the perfect piece can be daunting. 

That being the case, here are some foolproof steps to ensure your next bling purchase is less ‘regretful splurge’ and more ‘forever love’.

  1. Become a Detective: Read Those Reviews

And I don’t mean just skim through them while binge-watching your favorite series. Dive deep. What are people really saying about the quality, the customer service, the likelihood of turning your skin green? For example, reading Angara Reviews will show you they really know their stuff and deliver the goods, while reading reviews of jewelry on Temu will show you that you are better off saving your money. Remember, in the jewelry world, not all that glitters is gold (sometimes it’s just clever marketing).

  1. Understand the Return Policy: Because, Oops Happens

Let’s talk about return policies, because let’s face it, sometimes we change our minds (or, you know, accidentally order a ring in the size of a small hula hoop). Make sure you understand the ins and outs of the return policy. Are there restocking fees? Is there a full moon on the third Wednesday of every month? Know these things.

  1. Research the Materials: Know Your Metals and Gems

It’s always a sensible idea to do your homework on materials. If you’re investing in something pricey, you should probably know the difference between cubic zirconia and a diamond, or why platinum costs more than my first car. Understanding what you’re buying helps in making an informed decision and ensures you don’t end up with a ‘diamond’ that’s actually just really shiny glass.

  1. Ask About Maintenance: Keep That Sparkle Sparkling

Oh, and for sure you should always ask about maintenance too. Jewelry, like a high-maintenance houseplant, needs care. Does that necklace need special cleaner? Can you wear that ring while wrestling alligators? It’s important to know how to keep your new bling looking its best.

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle: Because Jumping out of Planes Can Be Hard on Rings

Consider your lifestyle too. If you’re someone who enjoys extreme sports, a delicate, dainty ring might not be your best bet. Similarly, if you’re like me and consider walking to the fridge as your daily exercise, you might not need that sporty, rubber bracelet.

  1. Budget Wisely: Because Rent is Still a Thing

Should you set a budget? Yep! It’s easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment, but remember, rent, food, and your Netflix subscription are still things that need to be paid for. Balance is key.

  1. Get a Second Opinion: Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Ugly Jewelry

Sometimes, it helps to have a second pair of eyes. Bring a friend for their honest opinion, or at least to stop you from making impulsive decisions. It’s like having a wingman, but for shopping.

  1. Sleep on It: Impulse Buys Can Be Tricky

Last but not least, sleep on it. If you’re still thinking about that piece the next day and not regretting it like last summer’s neon hair dye, then go for it.

Happy shopping, and may your jewelry box be ever-growing (responsibly, of course)!

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