Top Tips For Making Your Website More Interactive


Top Tips For Making Your Website More Interactive

Your website can be so much more than just a pitstop for people to shop and leave, and more often, we are seeing that the websites with the most engagement are interactive. There is more to see and do, and it never feels intrusive. True interaction is a choice – and it should never feel like something anyone has to do. 

So, what can you do to make your website a bit more fun? 


The chatbot is now seen across so many websites, and that is great for customer service. It makes it faster and more efficient to help people get what they need. As a company, it is also an opportunity to collect information. A chat for website option puts the user in the driving seat. If they have a question or need help making a purchase, it is right there for them to use. 


Ask people for their opinions, and you are likely to get it – both good and bad. Rather than have a pop-up that interrupts the user’s browsing time, consider putting it somewhere at the end of content or under an item. 

Alternatively, make the experience as quick as possible and use a star rating option, with no demand for a comment to accompany it. Interestingly, people are more likely to engage in a rating system when it isn’t stars – because stars are everywhere, test out different images until you see an increase in one – and use that one permanently. 

Share UGC

When people share your products or mention you on social media – make a point of incorporating them on your website. People love to see a brand that pays attention to what it is doing, sharing, and saying. And, instead of just sharing the UGC, make it something that is worth doing – for example, pick someone to receive some products each month. Make UGC a feature because it is a great way to work with your customers and give something back to them as a community. 

Social Buttons

Everything is social now, and one of the fastest ways to give the audience something to engage with is by having social media buttons that they can click. There are many plugins that mean people can share your content and products in seconds. Your audience can choose to engage or skip it altogether, and having that choice is a must. If your blogs are filled with value, people will naturally want to share: The Business of Blogging


Points mean prizes – and many websites have pop-up games that offer discounts or savings in return for an email address. The user can play the game for a couple of minutes, you can build your contact list – and they get a prize at the end of it. While this won’t work for every brand and product, it is highly successful for many. Depending on your products, it might even make sense for you to have a leaderboard – and the winners at the end of each month receive something. 


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