Moving Your Business Across The Country – A No Stress Guide

Moving Your Business Across The Country - A No Stress Guide, Moving, Business

Whether you are moving your firm across the country for better access to your target audience, more economical premises, or a more readily available workforce, it’s important that you do all you can to make sure such a move goes as smoothly as possible. Happily, you can find some tried and tested advice on precisely this subject below. Get organized 

First of all, if you think moving across town to a new office block or business park is complicated, then wait until you have to move your entire business right across the country. You’ll be dealing with longer timelines, and having to manage providers in different states as well as keep your business running in the lead-up to the move. 

With that in mind, it’s a smart idea to assign the overview of the move to a single person. This person can act as a moving coordinator and will be able to liaise with movers, utility providers, and real estate management companies, as well as plan out the layout of your new premises. By making sure that one person is dedicated to this task (it’s best to remove their other duties for the duration, you can ensure that any gaps are missed and that things are as stress-less as possible. 

Get a specialist mover 

Another thing that you can do to make a cross-country move less stressful is to work with a mover like Allied Van Lines who has experience in this area. This is because cross-country moves come with their own very specific issues and you will not only need a mover that has experience with these, but also that has access to a long-distance moving network that reaches from coast to coast and across North America. 

Let your customers know what is going on 

In business, the customer always comes first, and one of the ways you can reduce stress for a cross-country business move is by making sure you communicate well with your customers about what is going on. It’s best to start this pretty early as this will give them time to get any orders in or plan in case of emergencies while your business is temporarily out of action. 

Be sure to set automated emails to notify them when your business goes offline for the move, and as soon as it’s back up again. Alternatively, you can minimize this downtime by outsourcing basic functions such as answering phones and replying to query emails when you are moving. 

Expect some teething troubles when you first arrive 

Last of all, when moving your business right across the country it makes sense to be prepared for at least some things to go wrong when you arrive at your new premises. For example, you may find that the internet provider hasn’t come to connect you, so you are left offline for longer than you’d like. 

It’s also possible that things could be damaged or lost during the move, especially if you haven’t been careful at the packing stage. Be sure to take an inventory of anything that you are missing and replace it so you can ensure your business is running at full speed as fast as possible. 


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