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We are all looking for that perfect dress. The one that is comfortable that you can do almost anything in, well I found it! Let me introduce you to SKiVYS Femme.

I just learned about this dress a couple weeks ago. So here is the deal about SKiVYS Femme…. it is the most comfortable dress that you can wear day and night. That is right you can sleep in it, as well as it is fashionable enough to wear to date night or a trip to the grocery store.

What make SKiVYS so great is it has built-in breast support, called The Femme  Fit. It is the perfect amount of support and lift that “you can roll out of bed and right into your day.” This dress is functional and flattering. It hugs your curves in the right places.

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SKiVYS has multiple designs and colors to choose from. I am wearing their most popular which is the, Goddess Gown. It is super flattering on all body types. And ladies if you are well endowed don’t worry because that The Femme Fit will support you. If you are wanting something with thicker straps try the Day Dreamer Dress . Believe me these are the most comfortable dresses.

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A SKiVYS dress is a must in your wardrobe. All of their dresses travel very well, so I will definitely be taking one on my next trip. SKiVYS was kind enough to give me a discount code for my followers to get 15% off. The code is: Alli15 and you can use it here.  If prints are more your style check out the Malibu Goddess Gown and the Laguna Goddess Gown. SKiVYS is where it’s at, If you are looking for a comfortable dress.

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