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Everyday Pup Essential, Dog Food

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Dogs are the best!! My dog, Aussie is definitely an important part of our family.  That is why I make sure she has everyday pup essentials. What are your dogs favorite essentials? Check out Aussie’s below

Pet Wants

Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon

Pup Essentials, Pet Wants, Dog Treats

Aussie loves, love, loves her treats, and Pet Wants are no exception. The second she sees the Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon or the Peanutty Cookie bag she goes crazy wanting one and I defintiely don’t object.

Pet Wants has redefined fresh in the pet food industry, their all natural pet food is slow cooked  in small batches and delivered to your within 30 days.  The Salmon is wild caught not farm raised, clean and nutrient rich. It is a good source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which supports heart, kidneys, brain and reduces inflammation and repairs dry flaky skin in dogs. Since it is freeze-dried you don’t have to refrigerate it, so it is perfect for travel.

Peanutty Cookie

Puppy Snacks, Treats for Dogs

These Peanutty Cookies are clean, fresh, and made with human-grade ingredients. Aussie could eat these at any time of the day.  She said they taste great too! (I believe her). They are rich in protein, fiber, iron, they boost energy and immunity, as well as help with gastrointestinal issues in dogs.

Pet Wants offers free delivery so your pets never have to go without. Find them  here.

Multipet International

Lamb Chop

Pet Essentials. Pet Toys, Dog Toys

Pet toys are the best pastime for your dog. Aussie loves them, especially when we are not home or busy. She love this plush Lamb Chop. It is super soft, which is great for cuddling, It also has a squeaker which will keep your dog entertained for a long time during playtime.

If your dog likes to some make noice with their toys then they will love Globken Dog Toy. Dogs go crazy for the sound that come from these color chickens. This toy is perfect to play fetch with your dog. Both toys keep your pup engaged, active, and encourages movement.

Wanna win some fun toys for your fur baby?? Click the link here.

Globken Dog Toy

Everyday Pup Essentials,


NubONubs Meal Booster

Freeze Dried Dog Food, Puppy Food, Farm Raised Dog Food

The NubONubs Meal Booster is a 100% freeze-dried meat meal topper. Aussie literally goes crazy the second she sees this bag of Irresistible Surf & Turf. I mean she absolutely loves it. These meal toppers are grain free and gluten free, and well as pastured fed and farm raised. Meal Booster helps with the meat to carb ration, while delivering nutrient dense vitamins and minerals, and protein to your dog’s diet.

I am sure your dog will love it and want to try it. Find all three of their Meal Boosters here. Use code BOXX15 for 15% off till 3/31/22.

Champion Pet Food

ACANA Freeze Dried Food

Acana, Dog Food, Everyday Pup Essentials

If your dog needs a protein rich dog food, Acana is the food for you. Not only is it Raw Nutrition Made Simple, infused with bone broth, it is freeze-dried (that come in both patties and morsels). You can choose from beef or chicken for your pup. Acana is premium dog food that includes the finest fresh or raw ingredients. Your pup will totally thank you. Find Acana here.

Freeze Dried Food, Acana, Dog Food

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