Shift Dress Dreams

Shift Dres, Dresses Every girl needs a good dress, especially a shift dress of your dreams! It is the perfect outfit for any summer affair, when we are allowed to leave the house! Lol!This specific dress came from a local boutique here in Louisville called Glasscock (Follow them on Instagram and Facebook). They specialize in contemporary separates and dresses, as well as jewelry, handbags and accessories.  The dress is a design by Vilagallo and so comfortable. I love the bright colors as well as the neutral palette. The fun part about this dress is that the back of it is navy. So the mix of colors allows you to wear it in many different seasons.  I paired this specific dress with peep toe sandals, which is idea for the colder than usual temperatures that we are experiencing now.

Now let me help you find the shift dress of your dreams. There are so many great ones at all different price points. A reason I love this design is because they look great on every body type and you can wear them almost anywhere. Shift dresses are appropriate for work attire, church, and everyday life functions. They are usually the perfect length. I have picked out some of my favorites below for you to shop.

Absolutely Alli

Shift Dress Dreams

Affordable dresses

Great Dresses

Great Fitting Dresses

Dresses to fit your body

The Perfect Dress

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