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Erie Insurance Wedding Registry Survey | YouTube Video All my future brides and grooms stand up!! Have you made your wedding registry yet? One of the my favorite parts about planning my wedding was the wedding registry. It is a fun time that you get to spend with your significant other choosing gadgets, fine china, art, and other items that you may keep for a lifetime. But let me give you some advice. Register for a variety of things at all price levels, think about practical things that you can and will use, and beware of trendy items that you may only use for a short time. Although my hubs and I did register for money for our honeymoon there are still people that think that is tabu. According to the Erie Insurance national wedding registry survey (found here) two-thirds of people think that registering for money is fine, while one-third still think it is tacky and poor taste. This is why brides and grooms should till have a registry with many different items to choose from.

When registering for expensive and valuable items such as fine china, crystal, and art you want to make sure that you contact your insurance agent to see if these items should be added to you homeowner’s insurance policy. And while you are at it you may want to consider adding you engagement ring to your policy. Erie Insurance has a great article on wedding registries and what you should protect the most (here)

For all my married peeps, what items did you register for and loved?? Some of my favorites are below.

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Blender and Stand Mixer
Bridal Gifts, Affordable Bridal Gifts
Expresso & Coffee Maker

These three items (stand mixer, a heavy duty blender with individual cups, and a expresso coffee maker) are in my top for what I registered for. They are a staples in our house and get used regularly. A good stand mixer will last you for a long time and is great for your occasional baker to your professional baker. The expresso machine gets used everyday for that morning pick me and each morning I make a protein shake for the hubs and I in our blender. All of these I would definitely recommend to register for.

There are many items that I wished that we would have registered for and I am glad that Erie Insurance did a national wedding registry survey because it lets me know I am not alone. I think sharing these items will help future brides and grooms hone in on what they really need to start building their households.

The top 10 items people wished they registered for but did not:

1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ( I wish I registered for this)

2. Air fryer (very trendy right now)

3. Lawn Equipment (great if you are about to buy your first home)

4. Food Saver/ Vacuum Seal System

5. Barbecue Grill (good investment for the summertime)

6. Luggage (always a good item to have)

7. Bread Maker

8. Stand Mixer (love mine)

9. Food processor (the blender i registered for can be used as a food processor)

10. Tools (always good for a new or existing household)

Whatever you register for make sure it is what you and your partner will use. Also if it is valuable contact you insurance agent to add it to your policy. I love that Erie Insurance protects people’s homes as well as their belongings. And have fun with it, wedding time is a great time in your life. Happy registering!



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