2018 Reflection and 2019 Goals

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New Year’s Day for me is about reflection on the past year and goal planning for the new year. What about you? I am a big believer of if you don’t speak it into the universe it may not happen and my husband always says “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. So here is a little video of  goals and expectations for 2019. And you best believe I am not limiting myself to this and will be updating my goals and plans each month to share with you (so keep me honest and make sure I do it). I have always heard that what you are doing on NYE and New Year’s Day is what you will be doing for the rest of the year. So on NYE I was cleaning and decluttering/organizing (with a little champs toast with the hubby at midnight). New Year’s Day Shooting blog content and writing a blog post. If this saying is true, then I am heading in the right direction (At least I think so).

Anyway, what will you reflect on and what are your goals? Share them with me so we can help each other be accountable. Also no post would be complete without a little clothing, right? So I am also sharing with you my December try on haul here. You can shop it below.

Happy New Year and The Best Is Yet To Come!



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