Prom, Wedding, Formal Derby Season

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It is that time of year… Prom season, Wedding season, and Derby season (at least for us Louisvillians). But oh what to wear?? Sequins is always a go to for formal events. This dress is idea for all three, no matter where you are in your life. So if you are a junior or senior in high school and you are looking for that perfect prom dress, or you are a bride looking for a different or unique bridesmaid dress, this is the dress for you. And if you are in Louisville for Derby season this formal is the one that will turn heads.

I love the sequin bodice and the flowy skirt, which make it super comfortable and stylish. This dress is great for any formal occasion. It fits true to size and is affordable for a fancy dress. Pair it with other metallics such as your earrings and a cute purse. Shop this dress and many other affordable sequins dresses below.


                                   Photos by Gym John Productions  Hotel: Omni Louisville.