How to Style a Coat to Wear All Day

Is anyone else always cold? I mean especially at work. It’s like they have the thermostat on Antartica. This is why I always have a coat on. I have become pretty good at styling my coats with my outfits. The worst is when you have to wear some random coat that doesn’t match because it is freezing, am I right?? So I like finding outerwear that is neutral, that I can layer over almost any color. Investing in neutrals allows you to wear it with many different outfits. I styled this blush neutral crepe coat with an ivory tunic and pleated striped skirt. I accessorized with leopard, which has become a trend in my post. But I do keep many neutrals on hand to bundle up.
Hope you had a Happy Holiday and are looking forward to 2019. 

Fancy for New Year’s

The holiday’s are here and 2019 is around the corner. But before we get into the new year we have to celebrate NYE, right? What are you wearing for NYE? Me…a dress of course. This little black one to be exact. Things with sequins are really on trend right now, so this dress is perfect for this time of the year to add some sparkle. Living somewhere cold you always need a blazer, Like this velvet one. If you know me you know I always like a bit of color in my attire, so I opted for a dark pink/cranberry color in my earrings, lipstick and clutch. I think this makes the outfit stand out a little more. What are your NYE plans?  Shop NYE outfit inspiration below.

Happy New Year!!!

If You Have Sliver Shoes

If you have sliver shoes….you should definitely rock them! Especially with a leopard faux fur coat. This coat is amazing not only is it stylish, it is super warm and affordable (under $50). It goes with almost any color, considering leopard is a neutral, but I love to wearing it with black….. like I did with this outfit. The black makes the prints in the coat and purse pop, as well as the other colors in the outfit. This purse….I can’t say enough about it. I get compliments on it all the time. It is perfect if you want to add a little color to your outfit. I found it for 40% off (here). And this hat, I thought I wasn’t a hat person but….I official am. A great wool hat is a must have for winter. What is your must have for winter? Shop this look below.


A Little Bit of Leopard Goes A Long Way

Well…..My posts are starting to have a theme. And that theme is Leopard! Is there a crazy leopard lady? Like a crazy cat lady. If so….I am totally in! I do it tastefully, at least I think so. I like to add my leopard to solids like I did in this outfit. I paired it with faux leather leggings and a tank. And how cute is this cardigan sweater that was knitted especially for me? (I tagged a couple cute ones that are similar). I accessorized with multi-colored resin tassel earrings, and of course My favorite leopard booties and clutch. What are your perfect little touches that you add to most outfits? Shop this look below.


Baby It’s Cold Outside

Shop: Boots (1, 2, 3) | Coat |  Faux Fur (1, 2) | Jeans (1, 2) | Clutch | Sweater (1, 2) | Hat (1, 2) | 

Baby it’s cold outside, no it’s really cold outside!! With all the controversy going on with this song I probably should have named this post something else, but…..Nope! 🙂 It’s like freezing and feeling like winter or at least the holidays. When there are cooler temperatures, what do you do? Grab you best blogger girlfriends and talk about the perfect cold weather outfit. Don’t tell me that we are the only ones that do this?!?
My go to for fidget temps is a faux fur vest and a sweater dress (hey that rhymes, lol!). I mean you can’t go wrong with either. And since it is so cold make sure you pair them with leggings and over the  knee boots. These boots are a staple in each of our closets (as you can see by the picture). You also can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans, a wool coat and a hat to match. What is your staple?
Shop ours below! And check out these other blogger babes profiles The Glenny Girl and The Blush Influence. 

Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess

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 It is all about the holiday parties this time of year and the holiday hostess gift. If you are invited to a party, the first rule is to never show up empty handed! So what do you bring?? Wine or bourbon is always a simple go to, that I am sure will be much appreciated. But if you want to step it up a notch get to know your hostess (and in this case) find out what she into to. What is her style? Is she a home decor girl?  If so I suggest this popular book or these unique coasters. Is she a wino? (And I mean that in the nicest possible way, considering I am a member of this group). Try this cute initialed wine stopper or these wine chillers. A candle or a cute coffee mug is always a quick and easy gift. I am loving this candle right now and this personalized mug. You also can never go wrong with chocolate. What ever you bring your hostess I am sure she will love it. Shop some of my picks below.


It’s Ok to be A Little Extra

It’s ok to be a little extra during the holiday’s right?!? The holidays are a perfect time to wear that outfit or specific piece you usually never wear. For me it’s this faux fur white coat. I love this coat and it is super warm. I am not sure why I don’t wear it more during the cold winter months, probably because I don’t want to be extra all the time, lol! 
This coat pairs well with almost anything; jeans, leggings, and even this black A line skirt, I am wearing here. I wanted to be festive for the season, so I added a pop of color (I would like to call it cranberry lol!). Since holiday parties are starting this weekend I thought it would be the perfect time to do the first party look of the month. This outfit could be worn to your work get-together or to a friend and family gathering. I accessorized it with over the knee boots, my favorite leopard clutch, and these multiple color feather earrings, which are one major sale by the way. How do I look?
Have you started picking out your holiday attire? Shop mine below. 

Perfect Sweaters for the Holidays

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As our holiday season kicks off, there is no perfect way to dress then in a warm cozy sweater. They are great for holiday parties, shopping for gifts or just cozying up on the couch to watch Christmas movies. This cardigan I am wearing here definitely will be on full rotation all holiday season. I paired it with my favorite faux leather leggings, and a loose fitting tunic. All three of these items are on sale right now. Black Friday through cyber Monday weekend is one of the best times to restock your wardrobe for amazing prices.

What is your holiday go to look? Shop some of holiday sweater picks below.


Holiday Gift Guides for the Beauty Guru


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Happy Wednesday All! Who is ready for some deals and holiday gift guides? I am totally into beauty and skincare right now. If you have followed me for awhile you know that I am consist with one of my favorite skincare items, this cleansing balm. I have been using it for years, because it’s that good. I have also added some of my other favorites such as, this eyeshadow palette and moisturizer. This gift guide is for the beauty lover in your life. Check out details below why I chose these specific products.

Happy Shopping!


1. Nars Lip Set: If you can’t commit to one nude shade yet, this set is for you. It comes with six different nude shades in this mini sample pack. Almost one for everyday of the week.

2. Becca Higher Set: Highlight, Highlight, Highlight…need I say more. Highlighter is just fun especially in this 4 mini sample set. Find your favorite or use them all.

3. Malicious Oil:  If you are into oils this one is super hydrating.

4. Lalicious Brown Sugar: When you smell it you will understand. Plus it makes your skin feel so smooth.

5. Facial Moisturizer: Just do it! It’s worth it especially paired with number six. The idea moisturizer for all skin types.

6. Cleansing Balm: My favorite thing on this list! Hands down! It was on last year’s beauty gift guide and I bet it will be on next years. Great to remove the day’s residue and adds the right amount of moisture to your skin.

7. Makeup Brushes: Every girl needs new makeup brushes and these are super affordable and great for travel

8. Eyeshadow Palette: For the eyeshadow junkie. The colors are perfect and great for holiday and special occasions. It has the right amount of mattes and shimmer.

9. Body Butter: The ultimate hydrations. I have used this almost everyday for over a year and keep reordering it because it’s that good. Perfect for dry skin.

Everyday Skincare w/ Color Up Therapeutics

                        Shop: Color Up Therapeutics Website | Cleanser | Serum | Moisturizer
 In a world where the term CBD is used daily, why not use it for you skincare as well??  I am not an expert on CBD but what I do know is that it has helped many.  I also think that it is genius to put it into facial skincare, like Color Up Therapeutics has done. “At the root of our CBD infused line of professional skincare products is the belief that when our body finds homeostasis- balance – it benefits not only our overall wellbeing, but every organ within the body”. This definitely includes our face and the biggest organ of all our skin.

I have been using Color Up Therapeutics for the past 2 1/2 weeks and pretty much loved it from the first day. Foaming cleansers have not been my favorite in the past, but after trying the hydrating one from this line I can truly say it’s amazing. Normally foaming cleansers dry out my skin, but not this one. I actually feel moisturized after using it. Then add in the serum which uses hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and adds extra hydration. Following it up with the UV Damage Repair Moisturizer. This allows all day moisture and prevents your skin for the tireless effects of sun exposure and the harsh climates. Finishing up with their lip treatment that keeps your lips from dryness with organic hemp seed oil.

What is your skincare routine? Why not add a little CBD to it with Color Up Therapeutics.

Skincare c/o Color Up Therapeutics