Holiday Look 3

It’s officially December, so you know what that means?!? It is Christmas time! Who has finished their shopping and has their decorations up? Shopping no, decorations yes for me! As I look at my events for this holiday season, I am wondering what to wear. Do you have the same problem? If so I find the easiest way to address this is to shop your closet first by pulling out some staples. For this outfit, my staples are leggings and a button down blouse. Most women own tons of leggings and a large majority have a nice button down. Since I am a big fan of layers I added a faux fur vest to the outfit and then I accessorized with knee boots and a fancy clutch.

You always need a statement piece to wear during the season. I am loving this necklace from 7 Charming Sisters, which is an amazing company that has designed 7 different lines of jewelry (hints the 7 sisters). One of the lines is definitely going to be your style! The 7 sisters are from all aspect of life and bring their unique tastes into the line. Pick from earrings, necklaces and bracelet. You will have a hard time picking your favorite, especially since it is at a great price point. 


Thank you from 7 Charming Sisters for sponsoring this post 

Holiday Look #2

This week officially marks the holiday season. Who is ready?? I’m not but I will be. I love this time of the year because of all the holiday parties and social events that take place. But you have to dress the part! This satin A line skirt is perfect for the season. A fancy black skit is a must in your wardrobe. I paired it with a black tank and a fitted black and white jacket, which I love. No outfit is ever complete without a statement necklace, and this red one is just what you need for the holidays. Have a holiday work party or social event soon? This look is easy to recreate. Shop it below.


Statement Pieces with the India Hicks Style Collection

Shop: Cross-body | Clutch | Tote | Necklace (one, two) | Bracelet (one, two) | Backpack |
                                                              Earrings (one, two)
Everyone needs a couple staples in their accessories drawer and closet. Things that you can wear everyday and things that you can wear on a special occasion. The India Hicks Lifestyle Collection has all of that, this is the main reason I became a India Hicks Style Ambassador. A couple staples you need are the perfect cross-body for everyday (I love this one here), a tote to carry work files and your computer, and then a clutch when go out at night.

What other statement pieces do you need, you ask? Well jewelry, that is! An awesome everyday statement is the legacy letter necklace ( I linked the “A” here, obviously for Absolutely Alli, but there are many other letters to choose from in gold and sliver). A necklace with a little more flair is this Free Spirt, it definitely will make a statement. If you are like me you always have on earrings when you leave the house, I like these studs for everyday and these to be a little more dressed up.

I always like a little arm candy to dress up my outfits. I am really into gold jewelry lately so this cuff is to die for, but if you are more into leather this one is for you. If you want to be a little bit more understated then the hook bracelet is what you are looking for.

What are your favorite India Hicks pieces?



The Color of Fall

What is your favorite fall color? Mine is this mustard yellow color. It reminds me of the changing of the leaves. So when I saw this cape inspired dress from Shop Nic and Kat I knew I had to have it. How amazing is it? I love the fact that it has a cape and that you can put your arms through it for a whole new look, so it is almost like getting two looks with one outfit. This dress is great for a fall wedding. You will definitely make a statement with it. I paired it with gold jewelry, a snake skin cross body to give it some texture and a pair of dark teal heels. As the temperatures get cooler you can wear it with a pair of booties and even a knee boot,

What are you wearing to a wedding this fall? Shop my favorites in this yellow color below.


              Shop: Tank | Jeans | Sandals | Clutch | Earrings | Necklace (one, two) | Bracelet | Watch 

Happy Saturday! I love and hate this time of year because you never know how to dress. It is cold one minute and hot the next, but I am not ready to let go of summer yet. So I am still somewhat dressing for the occasion. This look was for a casual night with the girls. Wide leg jeans are comfortable and a must to keep in your closet. I paired them with a loose fitting tank and accessorized with the cutest clutch (which you can find here). I also added a collection of my favorite necklaces (here and here), then finished the outfit with sandals and a pair of hoops.

Are you ready for Fall? What is you favorite transition piece? Shop my outfit below.




August Charming Charlie Unboxing

                         Shop Charming Charlie Unboxing Items: One | Two | Three | YouTube Video 

Another Charming Charlie Unboxing coming your way. This one is full of dainty jews and fragrant beauty products that you do not want to miss. Checkout my new YouTube video here or below to see  the goodies in this Charming Charlie box.

What jewelry are you adding to your collection this fall? Shop some of my Charming Charlie favorites below.




Unboxing with Charming Charlie

                                                   Shop Jewelry: One | Two | Three | Four

Need a jewelry fix? Check out what is new at Charming Charlie in my new YouTube unboxing video here or below. There are some great items that you may want to add to your collection. My favorites being these bracelets here and here. Shop items in the box below. What is your favorite summer jewelry pick from Charming Charlie?


Jewelry is c/o Charming Charlie 


Let Me Introduce You to India Hicks

I just started a new business venture. I am now a India Hicks Style Ambassador. Haven’t heard of India Hicks? Well it is an exclusive lifestyle brand that sells unique high quality handbags, beauty products and accessories (scarfs, tassels, jewelry). These stylish products are “sold through networks of entrepreneurial women, creating a more meaningful shopping experience”. I fell in love with this collection and knew that being an ambassador was the right fit for me. Check out the whole line here.

If you are interested in being a style ambassador, earning products for free. or just want to learn more about these fabulous products or joining the tribe please email me at [email protected] 
Giveaway Alert:  Since this is my launch my week I have decided to give one lucky customer a $50 gift card toward your next purchase on India Hicks products. All you have to do is purchases over $75 in products from my India Hicks website (here) between Nov. 1, 2016- Nov. 8, 2016 and you will be eligible to for the drawing. 
*Winner will be personally notified through email on November 9th and announced on this blog post on the same day.*



          Photography: Thomas Hart Shelby 

Jewelry Staples

Statement bracelet (similar, similar
Every girl needs a jewelry collection. Whether you can afford expensive, middle of the road or you just enjoy costume jewelry there are a couple staples that you need.

Statement necklaces are a must. They can turn any outfit into a more dressy one. You only need a couple of these necklaces and you can interchange them with different outfits. Some of my favorite can be found here and here.
A girl also needs a statement ring. It is a great accessory to add if you are a jewelry lover. When I travel I love to find different and unique rings to add to my jewelry box.  Find some affordable rings here and here
A watch is a must. I have a collection of them, but you only really need just one. This watch is from Wristology. They have a great selection of watches that will not break the bank. Use code: AA20 for 20% off and free shipping. 
Bangles are a good accessory to add to an outfit. They pretty much go with everything from jeans to dresses. You can have just one bangle are you can fill up your wrist. I love the look of a bunch of bangles and the noise they make when you move your arm. Am I the only one? Shop some of my favorite bangles here and here.
A jewelry lover has to have several pairs of earrings. I always wear earrings regardless of where I am going or what I am doing. Earrings just make you look more put together even if you somewhat look a mess. I even wear them when I am working out, studs of course! Find some of my picks here, here, and here

A piece that I really love is a huge statement bracelet. The bigger the better. They are just so fun. I like a gold one or a rose gold with a solid color outfit (especially black), to make everything just pop. Statement bracelets that I would love to add to my jewelry box are here and here
What are your favorite jewelry staples? Shop the rest of mine below. Hope you enjoy!

6 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Wardrobe


I love solids as much as the next person, but sometimes you need to add a little color to an outfit to make it pop. Adding a splash of color to a seemingly boring outfit is pretty easy. Below I am discussing six ways you can add color to your wardrobe. Most of which you probably already have in your closet. Hope you enjoy!


1. A Bold Blazer 
Blazer are great for many things, but one reason I like them is because they come in every color. They look great with dresses, skirts, pants, and even jeans. So you will definitely get your moneys worth by adding multiples to your collect. If you are wearing a neutral outfit and want a huge pop of color blazers are the best way to achieve that. Go for bright colors or even patterns to break up the solid neutral of an outfit. Some of my favorite blazers are this one, I like this one here, and this one.
2. A Shoe with Color
A really easy way to add color to an outfit is to find a great heel that comes in a color other than a natural. Heels are something that are easy to throw on and can go with any outfit. Some of my favorite heels that have a bit of color are these ones, this pair here, and I really like these.
3. A Bold Lip
If you are a makeup junkie like me, this one comes easy and naturally. I probably have 15-20 given lipsticks in my makeup drawer at one time. Most are bold bright color compared to my limited collection of neutrals. A brightly painted lip is sure to add color to a monochromatic outfit choice. Find some of the lipsticks in my collection here, here, and my favorite here.
4. A Colorful Clutch 
I have collected a fair few clutches over time. Many of them are bold and colorful due to the simple nature that they add something great to otherwise boring or basic attire. Why would you not sport a trendy clutch? If you are dressing for a function that your outfit cannot be too extreme (i.e work), going for a clutch with color is next best thing. Some clutches I would love to add to my list are this one, this one here, and my favorite here.
5. A Brightly Colored Scarf 
Since Fall is around the corner a great way to add some color to your wardrobe is by dressing up your outfit with a scarf. For the last couple years scarfs have been the coveted accessory that women and even men have used to add a little something extra. Try adding a different color scarf to a solid colored outfit. Scarfs can range from different prices. This one here will not break the bank, while these two are pretty pricey but are super cute (here, here).

6.  Multi-colored Statement Necklace 
We all have a jewelry box full of jewelry right? Well at least I know I do. Why not utilize it to add color to your wardrobe. Statement necklaces can be a great way to brighten up an outfit. Choose one that is multi-colored or one that is a solid. Jewelry and where it came from is a great conversation piece. I love to pick up jewelry when I travel as souvenirs to remind me of where I have been. I have this necklace I purchased in Spain in black, but the red looks awesome (here). I also liked this one here (which is similar to the one in the picture), and this here