Jewelry Staples

Statement bracelet (similar, similar
Every girl needs a jewelry collection. Whether you can afford expensive, middle of the road or you just enjoy costume jewelry there are a couple staples that you need.

Statement necklaces are a must. They can turn any outfit into a more dressy one. You only need a couple of these necklaces and you can interchange them with different outfits. Some of my favorite can be found here and here.
A girl also needs a statement ring. It is a great accessory to add if you are a jewelry lover. When I travel I love to find different and unique rings to add to my jewelry box.  Find some affordable rings here and here
A watch is a must. I have a collection of them, but you only really need just one. This watch is from Wristology. They have a great selection of watches that will not break the bank. Use code: AA20 for 20% off and free shipping. 
Bangles are a good accessory to add to an outfit. They pretty much go with everything from jeans to dresses. You can have just one bangle are you can fill up your wrist. I love the look of a bunch of bangles and the noise they make when you move your arm. Am I the only one? Shop some of my favorite bangles here and here.
A jewelry lover has to have several pairs of earrings. I always wear earrings regardless of where I am going or what I am doing. Earrings just make you look more put together even if you somewhat look a mess. I even wear them when I am working out, studs of course! Find some of my picks here, here, and here

A piece that I really love is a huge statement bracelet. The bigger the better. They are just so fun. I like a gold one or a rose gold with a solid color outfit (especially black), to make everything just pop. Statement bracelets that I would love to add to my jewelry box are here and here
What are your favorite jewelry staples? Shop the rest of mine below. Hope you enjoy!