Makeup Monday: Summer Lipstick

                                                One | Two  (color Heroine)| Three | Four 

Can you believe it is the first day of Summer? Me either! I think summer is for bright lipstick, maxi dresses and cocktails on the patio. Who is with me?

Since purple is my favorite color, you know I had to wear it in a lipstick. This lip color can be found here (color heroine) Some purple or plum colors can be too deep or over powering so I try to stick with the lighter shades for summertime. Some I would suggest are this one here, this one and I really like this one. Purple lips are a great way to add color to your outfit.

Bright pink is excellent for summer. If you are trying to make a bold statement go for a bold pink, like the one above. Find the exact color here. Another favorite that I have in my pink collection that stays on great is this one. For a pink that will not break the bank try this one here. Having at least one bright pink in your lipstick bag is a must.

I personally think red is good in any season. It usually makes an outfit pop and your skin look instantly brighter and younger. Great for date night or if you are trying to be a little sexy. Find this exact shade here. Other reds I love are this one and this one. What is your perfect red? 

Where are all my girls who love a good nude lip? Nudes are great for daytime and workwear. Find this color here. I think the hardest thing about wearing a nude is that you have to get the right shades for your skin tone. For medium brown skin tones I suggest this one and this one. What nude works best for your complexion?

Check out all my favorite summer lip shades below and suggest some new ones for me to try.