Makeup Monday: Pixi Beauty Favs

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Happy Makeup Monday! If you have been following along for awhile you know that Pixi Beauty is one of my favorites when it comes to makeup and skincare. Reasons being they work a lot with influencers on collaborations (so they value their input), all of their products are very affordable, as well as they have a wide range of items to choose from (so your are guaranteed to find something you like). With that said I ant to share with you my favorites from the Mud Glow Cleanser to the influencer collaborations. Check out my YouTube video here detailing many of those products as well as why I love them.

What are some of you Pixi Beauty favorites and why? Shop mine below.


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Makeup Monday: Pixi Beauty + Chloe Morello

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Happy Makeup Monday Loves! Today I am reviewing the Palette and Lip Icing that YouTuber and social media influencer Chloe Morello perfected with Pixi Beauty. I was super excited to try these because she is from Australia and if you know me, you know I love Aussies, considering that my fiancé is one! 🙂 Anyway, I have tried many items that Pixi Beauty has to offer, from skincare to makeup (find many of my favorites here) and I am always thrilled with their products. I get super excited to share them with you and these two didn’t disappoint! So check out my review of the #PixiXChloeMorello collab on YouTube here and shop Pixi Beauty Below.


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