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Nothing like a little leopard or cheetah print to make you feel Fearless, right? Lol! What is your definition of Fearless?? To me it means taking chances no matter the consequences or committing to something that may seem like a risk, but could possibly pay off in the end in a positive way. Are you fearless? I definitely am! I have taken many business risk in the past couple years some have paid off, some have not, but I still think it is worth the experience. Everything thing you do is a learning experience and makes you more Fearless.

When you are Fearless the perfect outfit and the perfect stance are mandatory. My outfit… is this sweater dress that fits like a glove. Dressing well gives you confidence to conquer those task and allows you to look great while doing it. What is you favorite Fearless outfit? Shop mine below.


                                                           Photography: Erin Trimble 

Baby It’s Cold Outside

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Baby it’s cold outside, no it’s really cold outside!! With all the controversy going on with this song I probably should have named this post something else, but…..Nope! 🙂 It’s like freezing and feeling like winter or at least the holidays. When there are cooler temperatures, what do you do? Grab you best blogger girlfriends and talk about the perfect cold weather outfit. Don’t tell me that we are the only ones that do this?!?
My go to for fidget temps is a faux fur vest and a sweater dress (hey that rhymes, lol!). I mean you can’t go wrong with either. And since it is so cold make sure you pair them with leggings and over the  knee boots. These boots are a staple in each of our closets (as you can see by the picture). You also can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans, a wool coat and a hat to match. What is your staple?
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The Perfect Belt

Perfect outfit, perfect belt! I can truly say accessories can make an outfit pop. This geometric fitted dress is great on its own, but when you add a belt with a legacy letter buckle (A for Alli of course) to compliment it, it pulls the whole thing together. I mean who doesn’t want their initials on their belt? (Find your legacy letter here). Further accessorizing this outfit was my main goal, as you can tell.  Patterned tights with over the knee boots accented the entire ensemble. A cross body and a tassel necklace to complete it. What is your go to accessory? Shop mine below.



It’s Winter

It is officially winter and although it might not feel like it, a couple days ago it did. Complete with snow! How do you dress when it’s a cold winters day? Well…..fleece leggings and over the knee boots of course. I paired these two pieces with a long sweater, a brightly colored wool coat and my favorite Scarab Beetle scarf. I finished the look with this hand-made leather cross-body that tied everything together. What is you favorite winter look? Shop mine below.


Stylish in a Hoodie w/ Dressily

Every once and awhile you find a dress that is different, but perfect! That is this long sleeve hooded mini dress. This dress is perfect because it is the best of both worlds, comfort but yet stylish enough to wear out on the town. Dressily is an online global fashion store that ships free anywhere in the world. Their prices are very budget friendly and the quality of their clothes is seamless. They have a wide variety to choose from (men’s and women’s), accessories to dresses to intimates. Check out their website here.

I paired this hooded dress with tan over the knee boots, find a similar pair here. OTK boots are great for the winter months when wearing dresses.They give your legs an extra layer from the cold. I finished the look with a plum clutch from India Hicks, found here, and plum lipstick.

What is you favorite casual stylish look? Shop mine below.


Photography by Portraits by the Bridge. Dress c/o of Dressily