Just Doing My Thing

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Just doing my thing! All day everyday! What about you? It is almost spring/summer time and I have come to the realizations that I didn’t commit to getting my life together and focus on my health and fitness. I truly have a battle with this and want to change it. So what to do? What are you all doing that you love and works? I have enjoyed intermitting fasting, barre workouts (specially at The Barre Code locally), cycling and juicing. I literally love everything I have listed, but I am just not consistent  and motivated to do any of them on a regular basis. Maybe I need an accountability partner or maybe even just more sleep. My mind is occupied with so many things that it is draining and stressful. So I fully plan to work on me in the next couple months and what better way to do that then in cute athlesiure, which is my favorite. Shop some of my picks below.