Starting my Monday off with a jumpstart by getting all the vitamins my body needs from Vitafive. Haven’t heard of Vitafive yet? Well listen….it is a great company that provides you with a subscription vitamin service that makes sure you get all the nutrients that your body needs. Not only do you get all that healthy goodness, but the vitamins taste like candy (this is an added bonus if you have a sweet tooth like me). They are gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan, #score for all my foodies and health conscience people. Watch my YouTube video here or below where I detail my favorites about these awesome gummies. Oh also use code: 25aa for 25% on any vitamins from Vitafive. Happy Monday!


Vitamins c/o Vitafive

Healthy Snacks

I usually try to be on a health kick, but sometimes it is hard with working full-time, blogging and everyday life. This is why I have to plan ahead in order to have healthy snacks and not be reaching for the easy convenient ones that have less nutrients and more calories. Below I am sharing some of my favorite and easy healthy snacks that you can take with you on the go.

One of my favorite snack on the go is trail mix, but I like to make my own. That way I know what and how much I am putting in my body. In my trail mix I like to add nuts. I am a fan of all kinds but almonds are usually some of the healthiest. I throw in some dried fruit. My new favorite thing to add is goji berries. Did you know goji berries is a super fruit and that they are a good source of vitamin C, A, and iron? I finish it off with a little bit of chocolate. Everything taste better with chocolate right?

Trail Mix Recipe

1 1/2 cups of nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans)
1/2 cup of dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, etc.)
1/2 cup of goji berries 
1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips 
Another healthy snack is green juice. I make this the night before and put it in a sealed container to drink periodically through out the next day. Fresh green juice will usually last up to 2 days at most. This is the simplest was to get in your fruits and vegetables. On the go I typically pour some in a mason jar and use a stainless steel straw. I really like theses straws because they are ego-friendly, reusable, and very durable. They make your drinks seem cold even if they are not. My favorite ones are these Alistart straws because they come in a pack of 6 with 2 cleaning brushes. If you know anything about stainless steel straws they are hard to clean, so the brushes make a big difference. They are also affordable and will not break the bank. Check out my green juice recipe below.
Green Juice Recipe ( 1 serving) 
1 cup of Spinach or Kale 
1 small Apple  
1 medium sized carrot 
1 lemon slice 
Ginger (as much as you like I usually don’t measure this)
What are you favorite quick snacks on the go? I am always look to add more to my list. Shop some of my favorite accessories to make snacking easier on the go.
Stainless Steel Straws c/o Alistart


Let’s face it, the food that we eat is not givings us the nutrients that our body needs in order to live and sustain a healthy lifestyle. So the next best way to get all the goodness your body desires is to take supplements. 

The supplements that I have been using lately is Vitafive. This company makes custom vitamin packs to fit your health needs. For around $1 a day Vitafive makes personalized gummy vitamin packs that are sent to your doorstep every 4 weeks. They are prepackaged in the amount you need for each day. Used code aa30 for 30% off.

Vitafive has eight different gummies to choose from,Vitamin  D3, Biotin, Vitamin C, CoQ10, Multivitamin, Calcium & D3, Omega 3, and Melatotonin. You can put anywhere from 1-4 vitamins in a pack. They also have pre-made packs, such as, immune, sleep, beauty, active,  essential, brain, and heart. Check out the pre-made packs here

I like Vitafive because they are easy to travel with. Just take the number of packs you need on a trip and their is no extra hassle. It’s easy to order and you get all the extra nutrients that you need. Vitafive offers free shipping and they have a registered dietitian on staff to help you if you need. And since they are gummies, they taste great and you do not have to worry about hard to swallow horse pills. 

Any bloggers looking for a good affiliate to to collaborate with let me suggest Vitafive. Click the link here for more information. If you try them out come back and let me know how you like them.

Vitamins c/o Vitafive