Makeup Monday: LipSense

                                                               Lipsense color: Coral

I love a good lipsticks that stays on as much as the next girl. I recently discovered Lipsense and this product does just that. Check out my YouTube review on this awesome product below or here. Have you tried it? If not you should and I bet you would be a believer too. If you are interested in trying out Lipsense contact Rachel Tate [email protected]

                                       Watch is Wristology. Use code: AA20 for 20% off 

Lipsense c/o Rachel Tate [email protected]

Sunday Seven


So my Friday Five has become my Sunday Seven, but that is okay because I have seven awesome products that you should try. Check out my YouTube video where I introduce you to these products here or below.
What are some of your favorite new products? I am always look for new products to try and review.


1. Lipsense

2. Makeup by Mer Lipscrub

3. Glov On-The_Go

4. Diff Eyewear  15% off code: Alli15

5. Hask Beauty

6. ZinMark White Marble Laptop Case 50%off Coupon: MY5MO9QF

7. SPAritual Gold Nail Polish