West Egg

Have you ever heard of the company West Egg? If not you are missing out. West Egg is a company that sells designer products that you love at prices that you love. It is a members only community which provides its users up to 80 % off. The best thing about this company is that they want you to be the model. What do I mean by that? After you purchase a product they want you to show it off on you social media outlets. No professional models just real people talking about products they love at prices they can afford #becomethemodel. West Egg offers many products from top brands like Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Kendra Scott, Daniel Wellington and many more. Check out West Egg here and see all the awesome products they have to offer. Find something you love and get an extra 10% off by using code: wearwestegg. I definitely found something I could not live without. My Fitbit Tory Burch Bracelet is on the West Egg website for cheaper than it is in stores. Score! West Egg is a great place to find new products. What are you waiting? Join the West Egg community, start shopping and #becomethe model.

Old Church Bracelet (Purple Druzy Stone)- Made in Mechanicsville
Tory Burch Fitbit Bracelet- West Egg
Nails- Jamberry
Shoes: Target


Hello all! I hope everyone is staying warm if you are in cold snowy temperatures like I am. How many of you love doing your nails or having them done? If so,  have you tried Jamberry Nail Wraps yet? I tried them for the first time this week and love them. Jamberry is a company that makes quick and simple nail wraps that you can do at home. Seriously it took me 20 mins. If you are a nail girl like I am than you know how awesome that is. How many times have you wanted to do your nails before going out and there was not enough time for them to dry? Or how many times have you done your nails and messed one or two of them up trying to get ready? #Me. Jamberry solves that problem! There is no waiting for your nails to dry or applying coat after coat to get that perfect shine. All you have to do is match the nail wrap to your nails, warm the adhesive with a blow dryer, apply wrap to clean nails, and apply pressure. Then use a cuticle pusher to seal around edges, and cut or file off the excess. See it’s that easy and only takes a matter of minutes.

Ready to try Jamberry? How about a free sample? I have partnered with Kami Lingren, Advanced Consultant for Jamberry Nails to offer you a free sample of Jamberry Nail Wraps. You will not be disappointed!

All you have to do is follow @absolutely_alli and @Itskamsjams on Instagram. Then click on the link Here to get your free set of Jamberry Nail Wraps. (Limited to the first 30 people) After you get your nail wrap and try it out come back here and leave a comment on this post and let me know what you thought about them. That’s all you have to do!

Kami’s Jamberry Website



All you need is nail prep wipes, a cuticle pusher, nail wraps and a blow dryer 

                                                                          This nail wrap is called Sweet Symphony