Business Dress

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Happy Monday y’all!! What has everyone been up to? This past weekend was busy cleaning out my closet, shopping for home decor and going to a baby shower. Since today is the beginning of the work week I thought that it was appropriate to showcase some business wear. Where are all my corporate ladies, entrepreneurs, or just overall stylish girls at? This outfit is for you!
If you have been following me for awhile you know houndstooth is on of my favorite cold weather designs. This textured tweed houndstooth woven pattern dress is great for fall and winter work attire. It is the right length; hitting the top of the knee, form fitting, and overall the right details. I paired this dress with black heels and gold hoops. It is the perfect dress for a corporate event or business meeting and can be paired with a blazer. Shop it below. 

Photography: Erin Trimble 

All Black Everything

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All black everything is definitely a fashion statement, wouldn’t you say? I love an all black outfit! Why? Because black is easy, it is slimming, and it’s powerful. In my opinion almost everyone looks good in black, so why wouldn’t you wear it?

In this outfit I paired black faux leather leggings (which are amazing by the way), with a chunky knit sweater, and my favorite houndstooth coat to give it a little dimension. My accessories are a little different than usual, which I am excited about. I have on tennis shoes, or as my fiancé would say runners (it’s all about where you grew up). I like this mixing of casual with “fancy”. Topped it off with a hat. I usually don’t wear hats, but I am quickly learning to love them and may add some to my collection.

What is your favorite all back outfit?? Shop mine below.