What I am wearing Religiously: Instagram Round Up

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Sitting here in NYC waiting for my girls to start my bachelorette weekend. I am super excited! Pictures to come soon from that. Anyway, It has been a little while since I have done a roundup so I thought it was time. What items are you wearing religiously? Me…. tassel earrings, cute flats and athleisure are what I gravitate towards. Check out my latest below.


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I am trying to get my hair wedding ready. So I did a chop as well as straighten it for a couple days.

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Sky Organics

Happy Thursday All! I am trying to step up my beauty, skincare, and haircare game. So these organic and pure products by Sky Organics are right up my alley. They pride themselves on using only natural ingredients, being save to the earth and animals. Sounds like my kind of products. One thing I do love  about Sky Organics is that each product comes with an ebook or postcard to tell you how to use it and what its benefits are. Some of my favorites from the collection are the Mango Butter and the Castor Oil. Check out my other favorites in my new video here or below.
Products c/o Sky Organics

Sunday Seven


So my Friday Five has become my Sunday Seven, but that is okay because I have seven awesome products that you should try. Check out my YouTube video where I introduce you to these products here or below.
What are some of your favorite new products? I am always look for new products to try and review.


1. Lipsense

2. Makeup by Mer Lipscrub

3. Glov On-The_Go

4. Diff Eyewear  15% off code: Alli15

5. Hask Beauty

6. ZinMark White Marble Laptop Case 50%off Coupon: MY5MO9QF

7. SPAritual Gold Nail Polish

Natural Hair Must Haves

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Transitioning to natural hair can be hard and time consuming, especially considering the texture of hair you have. So I have compiled a couple of things that all naturals need to have healthy hair.
What I have learned during my transition period is to make sure you have the right products and that your hair is always moisturizer to combact breakage. I like to use this here, to add moisture to my hair daily. I also use a nutrient dense conditioner as a moisturizer, meaning I add it into my wet hair and do not rise it out. A good conditioner is one of the best investments a natural girl can make. Two of my favorites are here and here.

When washing your hair using conditioner is best to cleanse because it doesn’t lather and strip your hair of its natural oils. My favorite conditioner to co-wash is this one here, because it has a lot of slip. Meaning that the conditioner makes it easier to comb or brush through your hair and detangle it. The brush I use to detangle can be found here and the comb here.

Some key items you want to added to your list of products is a blow dryer with a diffuser (here), a good gel if you want to wear your hair curly. I like this one. Bobby pins (here) are a naturals girls number 2 best friend. I honestly don’t know what I would do some days without them. The last three things that you should definitely have are coconut oil (here) to seal your hair, and ponytail holders (here) and headbands (found here) to pull back you hair for easy styles.

If you are transitioning your hair you may want to think about protective styles such as braids or a sew-in. This helps with breakage. 

What are your favorite products? Shop the rest of mine below.


Hair Care Favorites

There is nothing like finding haircare products that you love.  I have tried many but there are a few that I continuously use on a daily or weekly basis. What are your favorite go to products?

Having naturally coarse curly hair, that is not chemically straightened, makes detangling my hair a process. So my number one go to hair care product is a conditioner with a lot of “slip”. All my naturals know what I mean by slip. A conditioner that can coat wet hair and have just enough oils and thickness to it, for you to be able to comb through your hair to get out the tangles. One brand that I really enjoy is  the Garnier Fructis Grow Strong (conditioner here, shampoo here). I love this brand because it is super affordable and can be found at any local drug store. It gives the right amount of protection from breakage so that it is easier to detangle your hair while wet. It also adds a ton of moisture to combat dryness. I use the Grow Strong conditioner as a leave in when I do my wash and goes and also when I put my hair up in a ponytail. Some other Garnier products that I add to the mix sometimes are the Triple Nutrition line (favorites here, here, and here). This line is great and definitely worth trying if you have very dry hair that is prone to breakage. 
Adding moisture and sealing your hair with oils is a curly girls best tip to combat fizziness. Coconut oil is one of my favorite types of oil to use in my hair.  Coconut Oil adds luster, shine and softens the driest of hair. It stimulates hair growth, while preventing breakage. One brand of coconut oil that I have been using lately and really like is the Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil (found here). Since it is fractionated it does not become solid which makes it easy to add to your hair. I have been using this product as a deep conditioning oil treatment before I wash my hair and it has helped keep my hair moisturized over a period of days. Majestic Pure coconut oil comes with screw on top and pump for easy access and transport. Not only is it great for moisturizing hair it is great for your skin too, such as,  eye makeup remover, massage, natural deodorant. and shaving cream. While you are waiting that half an hour to an hour for the coconut oil to deep condition your hair you can definitely do some at home spa treatments with it.  

Other great products I will be trying soon are the Aveda Smooth infusion line (find all the products here). I hear this line is good for straightening your hair. I cannot wait to try, review coming soon. Stay tuned!



Coconut Oil c/o Majestic Pure