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Nothing like a little leopard or cheetah print to make you feel Fearless, right? Lol! What is your definition of Fearless?? To me it means taking chances no matter the consequences or committing to something that may seem like a risk, but could possibly pay off in the end in a positive way. Are you fearless? I definitely am! I have taken many business risk in the past couple years some have paid off, some have not, but I still think it is worth the experience. Everything thing you do is a learning experience and makes you more Fearless.

When you are Fearless the perfect outfit and the perfect stance are mandatory. My outfit… is this sweater dress that fits like a glove. Dressing well gives you confidence to conquer those task and allows you to look great while doing it. What is you favorite Fearless outfit? Shop mine below.


                                                           Photography: Erin Trimble