Make Better Progress on Your Body Transformation Journey!


Make Better Progress on Your Body Transformation Journey!

Starting out on a journey to transform your body is a huge undertaking, whether you’re on a weight loss journey, want to build muscle or just improve your overall health. So results might not always come as quickly as you’d like, and at times you might even feel like you’re making no progress at all (or even going backwards!) If this is the case, here are a few things to address. Continue reading “Make Better Progress on Your Body Transformation Journey!”


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Hi All! I have totally been a slacker! I need some motivation to get my life together and get in shape. I have around 125 days till the big day so I need to get it in gear. What workouts are you all doing? I am looking for something that will get me toned, meaning it incorporates weights. I am good at the cardio part of working out but I am not sure of a good weight routine. Definitely open for suggestions. What has worked for you? September will be here before I know it!
One thing that is always motivating to me is athletic wear or athleisure. Having the perfect outfit while getting your excise on is a must! So I have picked out some of my favorites and linked them below. What are you wearing while working out?