Happy Friday! Have you ever heard of the app StyleWe? If you have not you should download it from the app store immediately.

StyleWe is an online store that sells clothing and accessories made by independent designers at reasonable prices. Designers such as; Auchan-Al, D. Fanni , and Cyanne Sea just to name a few. They have a variety of options from dresses, outerwear, handbags, swimwear and much more. StyleWe has created an online community where  designers and customers can communicate with each other about their style, ideas, and receive instant feedback from each other.

This company has a diverse array of styles and designs to choose from, free shipping, daily flash sales, and over 200+ new styles added each day. I am sure you will find something that you love. Download the app and get shopping. Check out some of my favorite pieces from their website below. Let me know What your picks from StyleWe are. Also check out their blog and YouTube.


                               Cyanne Sea Gray Bateau/boat Neck Ribbed Sleeveless Plain Mini Dress

                                  Sicheng.Lisha Beige Vintage Embroidered Polyester Mini Dress

                                            Coin Qian Multicolor Polyester Casual Medium Tote

Thank you StyleWe for sponsoring this post.