Serengeti Coat

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Get it, while the getting is good! This Serengeti Coat is almost gone so if you are in love with it, then I am here to tell you that it will be going away this Friday (January 19th) for good. The coat is made of Mohair wool, which means it is super soft and warm. Plus, the pattern is gorgeous. Every time I wear it I get compliments on it. I paired the coat with skinny jeans and a black tunic. It has quickly became a staple in my wardrobe and it is the perfect piece for travel and being a tourist. I accessorized with a suede hobo cross body and tan booties. If you are on the fence about the coat it is so worth it!

Playing Tourist

Playing tourist is one of my favorite things. Who is with me? This time I was playing tourist in New Orleans for New Year’s and Ben’s birthday. We did enjoye the local food, such as gumbo, red beans and rice, and jambalaya to name a few. If you want to taste some of the best local food try Mother’s Restaurant, but fyi there is always a line out the door so get there early. We visited the popular places such as Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, but what we really loved was Frenchmen Street. This is the place you want to go if you want to hear the iconic New Orleans jazz and blues sounds of the city. Plus more locals hangout there. You won’t be disappointed. If you are in the city I definitely suggest taking a swamp tour, or a Steamboat Natchez jazz cruise. There are waterways all over New Orleans. Also, don’t forget the biegnets at Cafe Du Monde. What are you favorite NOLA spots?


Lace is Always A Good Thing

It’s officially 2018, which potentially could be the best year yet.  Who has their goals set and their whole year worked out? Me, I have a lot of planning to do this year. This includes a wedding, building my many businesses, and planning the future with Mr. Yates 🙂

A lover of lace and bold colors, this outfit is perfect to start the new year. If you are dressed well and feel good from the start, I feel that it sends good vibes that will carry on throughout the new year! What will your signature style this year? Shop one of my signature pieces, lace, below.

Happy New Year!



Friday Five 11/3

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LA or Paris?? Which is your favorite? Rodeo Drive or Champs-Élysées? They are both top of my list! So why should you have to choose?!? In the book Why LA? Pouroquoi Paris? Find the best of both worlds. Fashion, Culture, Dining, Arts and more. Complete with illustrations, this travel guide and personal story book makes you fill like you are exploring both cities like a pro. 

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As temperatures drop and the seasons turn to cold, your skin needs a little more TLC. I am not just talking about your face. I am talking about the whole body. We change our facial routine all the time, add products, stop using products; but many times we don’t worry about our all over body skincare needs. During the winter we need things that we can layer and that are more moisture enriched. This shower cream, body cream and body oil are perfect for this. They smell amazing and give your skin that added moisture boost it needs for the winter months.
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Want a purse that is perfect for fall and winter?? I have the one for you. This Cartridge bag is tops on my list. It comes in Merlot and black with gold details that are stylish and will accent your everyday wear. Use it as a cross body, clutch, or a shoulder bag to fit your needs for daytime or going out to a social function at night. It’s the perfect bag because it is not to big or small, just right to fit your essentials.


Who doesn’t like cute socks? How many times have you seen someone in professional dress that shows a hint of their personality through their socks? Or someone who is wearing a otherwise boring outfit, except for their socks. I honestly think that is the best part about these, the fact that you can show your personality through them.  Find many different prints that are sure to please. Perfect holiday gifts or stocking suffers. Use code: 3515 till 11/15 for $3.50 off $15+.
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So I know there are a lot of face mask to choose from, but this one just happens to be one of my favorites. This Dead Sea Mud Mask pulls out the toxins and impurities in your skin, as well as shrinks the sizes of pimps, acne and blemishes. If that is not enough, it makes your skin feel so smooth afterwards. I use this once a week and i’m obsessed with it! You will be too!

Berry Picking

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Who doesn’t love fresh berries? My favorites are blackberries. So every year a friend and I head to Huber’s Orchard and Winery at the end of July for some berry picking and some wine tasting, in that order! Lol!
 What better way to be stylish, stay cool, and get a little workout in, then in this little number. This black ruffle tunic is from Agnes & Dora (check out all the colors here). I love that it is light, airy and comfortable. The dress pairs excellent with this snake print crossbody and pendant necklace from Charming Charlie, which comes in four different colors. I finished the looks with a pair of sunnies and black flats. What is your favorite dress of the summer?
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Dress c/o Agnes & Dora rep Betsey Ann Tracy  & Necklace c/o Charming Charlie