All Woman, All The Time

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All Woman, All The Time…who else would you rather be! I feel that this year is definitely one for the Women, meaning that more women are living their dreams, starting businesses, taking on careers and positions that they never thought they would. The time is now! What are your set goals to accomplish in the next weeks, months, and even by the end of the year. One goal or promise that I have made is to share with my audience my progress on my personal businesses each month and upcoming exciting things I will have going on the pertains to them. This way you all can keep me accountable. Each month I plan to do a quick video update with you all. If you missed the one for January, find it here. The one for February is coming soon. And what is a better way to reach your goals then to look great and feel great while doing? I am not a power suit type of girl (no shade to the power suit, either lol!), I like to do style my way. So in this outfit that is exactly what I did. Pairing a leather pencil skirt with a bright sparkly sequin top, and a black jacket. This is a perfect day to night or work to play outfit. For work I would button a couple buttons on the jacket and have a little peek of the tank show and for night and going out leave all the buttons undone.
Lastly I want to quickly mention the health component to getting my life together. I am starting Faster Way to Fat Loss on Monday. I am fully committed to working on me, which means health, fitness and wellness. So I have decided to do that journey with FWTFL. If you want to know more about it or join me check out this link here. I think I am going to do a weekly post about it, meaning the meals I am eating and my exercises I am doing. Happy beginning of the week and keep crushing those goals. 

                                                             Photography: Erin Trimble