How to Clean Your Make Up Brushes

                                    Cleaning Mat | Cleaning Egg | Makeup Brushes | Brush Cleaner

If you are a makeup lover like I am then you use your makeup brushes often and with many colors. Which means you need to clean your brushes just as often. Check out how I clean my brushes in my YouTube tutorial below or find it here.

What do you use to clean your brushes? I like using the Esarora Cleansing Mat and Egg. They work great and are made out of soft silica gel with patterns that are gentle on your brushes, but work in a way that help get them as clean as possible. They travel well and the mat has suction on the bottom so it stays it place in the sink while you are cleaning. These brush cleaners are a good cheap investment especially if you have expensive brushes. You should take care of them.


Makeup Brush Cleaner C/o Esarora



Happy Wednesday! Have you ever heard of the website StyleWe? If you have not you should check it out and also download the app from the app store immediately.
StyleWe is an online store that sells clothing and accessories made by independent designers at reasonable prices. Designers such as; Auchan-AlD. Fanni , and Cyanne Sea just to name a few. They have a variety of options from dresses, outerwear, handbags, junior rompers and much more. StyleWe has created an online community where  designers and customers can communicate with each other about their style, ideas, and receive instant feedback from each other.

This company has a diverse array of styles and designs to choose from, free shipping, daily flash sales, and over 200+ new styles added each day. I am sure you will find something that you love. Download the app and get shopping. Check out some of my favorite pieces from their website below. Let me know What your picks from StyleWe are. Also check out their blog and YouTube.


                                                                 Viewinbox Backpack

                                                                  Dabuwawa Romper 

Thanks StyleWe for sponsoring this post.

Standing on Top of a Mountain

I do not know about you but I think that every fall I need to get a new coat. So during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in August I scooped up this collarless crepe topper. I paired it with white skinny jeans (yes you can wear white after Labor Day), a simple gray tee and gray booties, which are great for transitioning to cooler temperatures. I additionally accessorized this outfit  with a cute scarf that has skulls on it, bright earrings and necklace, and a cross body. A cross body is great for travel because it is easy to carry and more secure.

These pictures were taken while I was in Big Sky, Montana. If you have never been to Montana I recommend it. Big Sky, Montana is a ski resort village nestled on top of the Lone Peak Mountain and Mountain Village. If you are an avid skier, then I am sure you have been there, considering that Big Sky is known to be the biggest ski place in America. They have lots of activities for the non skier too. Check out their website to plan trip.

What is you favorite type of coat for the fall and winter? Shop mine below.


                                              Lone Mount at Big Sky Montana

Makeup Monday: Take the Day Off

                     Clarisonic | Take the Day off | Simple | Tula | Serum | Vitamin E Oil | Eye Creme

Happy unmakeup Monday! We all talk about how to put the makeup on, but rarely talk about how to take it off. So take the day off with me in my latest YouTube tutorial. Watch it here or below. What are your favorite products to take your day off? Shop mine below.

Five Must -Have Fall Essentials

                        Wide Brim Felt Hat | Suede Bag | Booties | Blanket Scarf | Faux Fur Vest

Even though the temperatures are not cold, and it does not feel like fall, it soon will. So when the time comes, and temperatures drop, you should be prepared.  The way I get ready for fall isbn making sure I have five essentials that I feel every girl needs in their closet. One being a wide brim hat. They are great to combat the weather and keep you warm, as well as add variety to your fall wardrobe. A girl also needs a pair of booties, or multiple pairs, because they go with everything, from jeans to dresses. If multiple pairs are not in the budget, try purchasing a neutral pair that look good with outfits.

 I always accessorize my fall outfits with a blanket scarf, they are great to  keep you warm and can add color to an otherwise boring shirt or sweater. A suede handbag is a fall staple, they look great and you can only wear them for a certain amount of time through out the year so why not get it in now! The last fall essential is a faux fur vest. This is one item that looks awesome on everyone. You can wear them over dresses or even sweaters and they work great at adding an extra layer of warmth.

What are some of your favorite fall essentials? Shop mine below.


Transitioning to Fall in a Maxi

                            Long sleeve maxi | Cap sleeve maxi | Short Sleeve maxi | V-Neck Maxi 
Today is the first day of Fall, and you know what that means? Colder temperatures are on there way.

The best way to transition from warmer temperatures to average or cooler temps is with a maxi dress.  A maxi with sleeves are the most desirable for Fall weather. They do dual duty, keeping you warm when it is chilly, but yet is light and airy enough for those afternoon warmer temperatures. When transitioning wearing booties are great. Booties say it is fall but not yet winter and many pair well with maxi dresses. Try these booties with your maxi.

There are many great maxi’s that are in style for the Fall. A long sleeve one is idea. This one here is to die for. A short sleeve maxi is also great when mother nature hasn’t realized that the thermometer  should be on the lower end of the scale. Try this short sleeved maxi if you are looking to add one to your closet. Are you a maxi dress girl? If so, what is one of your favorites? Shop mine below.


The Perfect Fall Outfit In Big Sky

Even though it doesn’t feel like it here in Kentucky, Thursday is the first day of Fall. It is still warm and humid! Ugh! But no fear it is coming and last week I got my first taste of it, while I was in Montana. Can you believe it even snowed?

If you have never been to Montana I recommend it. I visited Big Sky, Montana. It is a ski resort village nestled on top of the Lone Peak Mountain and Mountain Village. If you are an avid skier, then I am sure you have been there, considering that Big Sky is known to be the biggest ski place in America. They have lots of activities for the non skier too, more of that to come in future post. Check out their website to plan trip.
One thing I do suggest if you are planning on visiting Big Sky, bring warm clothes! This is not a joke! It snows in September, but it is beautiful. I combatted the 30-40 degree temps in this stylish fur vest, paired with a 3/4 length sleeve high/low tunic and white denim jeans. Yes you can wear white after labor. I finished the outfit with tan booties and a tan purse, followed by accessorizing it with a pop of turquoise in these earrings and necklace
What is your favorite Fall outfit? Shop mine below and stay tuned for more of my adventures in Montana. 

Makeup Monday: Fall Lipstick & Eyeshadow Makeup Look

Lips (here, here) | Eyes (here, here) | Bronzer | Blush | Setting Spray | Foundation | Mascara | Brush
The first day of Fall starts this week and for makeup that mean darker colors such as plumy purples, burnt oranges, and browns. Check out my YouTube Fall Makeup Tutorial below or here to see how I incorporate these pretty colors into this makeup look. What are some of your fall makeup favorites? Shop mine below.


Being a Fashionable Fan!

Who says you can’t be a fashionable fan? Many think that to attend a game or to cheer on you favorite team you have to be sporing a shirt with the team logo. I personally believe as long as you are wearing the team colors, you can be their biggest fan.

Not all sporting attire fits along the lines of style, but more along the lines of comfort. Don’t get me wrong, I love a hoodie and I am pretty much excited that it is hoodie season, but if you are trying to add some fashion and flair to your tailgating then you have to plan out your outfit.

Since I am a Louisville Cardinal (#GOCARDS) and this post is just in time for ESPN College GameDay in the Ville this weekend, I will be sporting red and black and throwing up my L’s. I opted to style myself in red skinny pants, which is a bold way to add the color of you favorite team. Since Louisville’s secondary color is black I choose to add a button up. Try adding your team’s secondary color as a shirt option. I loving adding leopard to an outfit. Like I always say Leopard is a neutral. Find my number one leopard accessory here.  For those real fashionistas adding a heel (found here) is no worries, but a flat will do just the same. I finished my outfit with Louisville Cardinals signature L earrings. It is always nice to add touches of your teams logos. What is your favorite way to dress up your tailgating and game day attire? Shop mine below.


Photos by: Portraits by the Bridge

Sweater Weather

                                      Cardigan | Off the Shoulder | High Low | V-Neck | Crew Neck 
It is that time of year again, sweater season! When the temperatures start to drop, what do you reach for? Confession…first a hoodie! But if you are tying to be stylish than you should opt for the sweater. 

Sweaters are great for those cold months. Appropriate for work, a social outings with friends, and even on Sunday for church depending on the fit. Right before Fall is a great time to add a couple of sweater staples to your wardrobe. One sweater ever girl needs is a cardigan, they are considered the universal sweater. Cardigans pair well with dresses, tanks, and tees. This cardi here and here would be great to add to your closet. A v-neck is another staple one should have in their collection. Try this one out hereOff the Shoulder is big this year. They are a sweater that can add a little style to your existing clothing. What are your favorite sweaters for the fall? Shop mine below.