Five Must -Have Fall Essentials

                        Wide Brim Felt Hat | Suede Bag | Booties | Blanket Scarf | Faux Fur Vest

Even though the temperatures are not cold, and it does not feel like fall, it soon will. So when the time comes, and temperatures drop, you should be prepared.  The way I get ready for fall isbn making sure I have five essentials that I feel every girl needs in their closet. One being a wide brim hat. They are great to combat the weather and keep you warm, as well as add variety to your fall wardrobe. A girl also needs a pair of booties, or multiple pairs, because they go with everything, from jeans to dresses. If multiple pairs are not in the budget, try purchasing a neutral pair that look good with outfits.

 I always accessorize my fall outfits with a blanket scarf, they are great to  keep you warm and can add color to an otherwise boring shirt or sweater. A suede handbag is a fall staple, they look great and you can only wear them for a certain amount of time through out the year so why not get it in now! The last fall essential is a faux fur vest. This is one item that looks awesome on everyone. You can wear them over dresses or even sweaters and they work great at adding an extra layer of warmth.

What are some of your favorite fall essentials? Shop mine below.