A nice watch can bring a lot to your jewelry collection, not to mention that it can dress up your arm and a great outfit. If you are like me you would love to have the option of multiple watches to switch out with different clothing and jewelry, right? For me this wasn’t an option because all the cute and stylish ones were way too expensive. So it was the same watch all the time. Well ladies I found a solution.

Have you ever heard of Wristology? It is a company that designs and sells designer watches but at the fraction of department store prices. I mean really cute watches. All their watches are $49 and they have multiples to choose from. They have great watches that look and feel expensive. Not only are they $49, Wristology offers free speedy shipping. I have linked a couple of designer department store watches below so that you can see that there is a difference in prices but not a difference in design. Also if you use code: AA20 at checkout you will get 20% of you purchase. The watches I stated my collection with are the Rachel Gold w/ Pink Face and the Rachel Rose w/ Blue Face. You can find both of these watches plus many more on their website here. If you purchase one come back and let me know which one or ones you bought. Hope you enjoy!