KDF Winefest

Morning Loves! Hope this week is treating you well. Last week I attended the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) Winefest. It is one of the events that takes place leading up to the Derby. See all the events here. This is the third time I attended this event.  It is a annual outing that one of my friends and I like to to do each year together. Over 20 wineries in Kentucky and southern Indiana set up shop on the Belvedere near the Ohio River for a 2 day wine tasting event. If you didn’t already know….I am a wino! Lol! This is a great way to sample multiple wines, to see which ones you like and to socialize with a group of friends. Check out my day at the KDF Winefest and my outfit details. Hope you enjoy.
Blazer: The Limited
Purse: Marc Jacobs
Sandals: Target

2015 Gallopalooza

It is that time of year again here in the Bluegrass state….Derby time!!! This means horse racing, bourbon and everything in between. In Louisville, the celebration starts 2 weeks before the actual Derby race which happens to be the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs (this year it is May 2, 2015). Check out all of the Kentucky Derby festivities here. One event that I went to last week was the 2015 Gallopalooza Collection Preview. If you drive through Louisville you will see brightly painted full sized fiberglass statues of horses in front of a local businesses or home. Since this is only the third time that kentuckians have been able to experience Gallopalooza, and we are not sure when it will happen again, I thought I should check it out.  Gallopalooza started as a way to beautify the streets, encourage local exploration, increase tourism, showcase local artists and generate civic pride. (www.gallopalooza.com). The project raises money to support Brightside, which is a volunteer driven and funded effort to beautify the city, and many other local charities. The past two time that this happen (2004 and 2009), the focus was mainly on horses. The artists added bourbon barrels and mint julep cups this year, as well as the horses. All the artist are very talented. Each has to apply and submit a design and see if sponsors would like to commission them for their work. There are also rewards and cash prizes that artist could win for their work. Check out my experience at Gallopalooza as well as my outfit details. Hope you enjoy!



Shirt and pants: The Limited
This horse is my favorite because it is painted roses on one side and lilies (see other side in next pictures). These are both symbols of Derby and Oaks.
A Pegasus 
Shoes: Gianni Bini

Half Classic

Happy Sunday all! Hope you are having a great weekend. How many of you are into running? 5k? 10k? Half-marathon? Marathon? I don’t know if I would 100% say I was into running. I just like the fact that it is an excise that can net you many calories (I like to eat) and is usually a full body workout. This year I decided to do the Kentucky Half Classic. This is where you run 2 half marathons on 2 different days and it is added up to equal a full marathon. So a total of 26.2 miles when you finish. The best thing about it is that you get 3 medals. One for each half and one to signify that you completed both. Awesome! The theme of the Half Classic this year was “Make Mine a Double”, I am sure to play off the fact of Kentucky being known for it’s Bourbon (and who would not want double of that!). The first of the 2 was Run the Bluegrass on March 28, 2015. This race was held in Lexington, starting and ending in Keeneland Horse Park . During this race you run through many picturesque horse farms. A couple includes Donamire Farm and Stonestreet Farm. I have to say it was a beautiful run. The second race with the Kentucky Derby miniMarathon on April 25, 2015. This is held in Louisville and takes place in conjunction with all the Kentucky Derby Festivities leading up to the Kentucky Derby. Check out all the great Derby festivities here . This half marathon is held in an urban setting running through Churchill Downs, the University of Louisville campus, and running passed the Louisville Slugger Museum. Both of these races were a great experience. I have finished the mini twice before but have never attempted the Half Classic. Although  Run the Bluegrass is a challenging course (very hilly), it was well worth it to say I finished the Half Classic at least once. Profits from both of these races go to help support 2 dozen charities, that in its self is enough to make me want to participate. Check out my experience below. Hope you enjoy!
This is the Papa John’s 10-Miler another race I did before the miniMarathon 
This is a dress that a high schooler made out of the left over medals from pervious years. Isn’t fabulous? I say she has a future in fashion design.