Having A Staycation at the New Omni Louisville

A week ago I had the privilege of venturing around and staying at the new Omni Louisville (as a early birthday gift). The hotel did not disappoint. The interior design and architecture is definitely top notch. Not only are the rooms impeccable the restaurants, market, boutique, and speakeasy are a must even if you do not stay for the night. The hotel is complete with two dine-in restaurants, Neighborhood Services and Bob’s Steak and Chop House, both are well worth your time and money.  If you are just in the mood for a drink try The Library; a bar designed to look like a public library, or Pin + Proof; a speakeasy with a bowling alley (which is a lot of fun).
 Lets talk about the Fall City Market….I’m in love with this concept. It’s perfect…Heine Bros. (coffee shop for the non-locals), a wine shop, a flower shop, an actual grocery, and a couple different dining spaces to choose from. I mean you could quite easily spend a couple hours just in this space.
The Omni also has all the upscale amenities such as Mokara Spa, a state of the art gym, and a rooftop pool with a bar called The Water Company. It really has everything you need to enjoy a couple days off from the real world or host a big event, such as a wedding or conference. I am totally ready to move in. This is a possibility since they have luxury apartments (details here).
What do you wear for a staycation? Comfy casual, of course! As I did here. I took black leggings paired them with a bell sleeved sweatshirt (which are really the trend right now), and my favorite leopard print flats. What is your favorite staycation outfit? shop mine below.

Neighborhood Services Restaurant 

Miller & Co Boutique 
The Library 



The Perfect Belt

Perfect outfit, perfect belt! I can truly say accessories can make an outfit pop. This geometric fitted dress is great on its own, but when you add a belt with a legacy letter buckle (A for Alli of course) to compliment it, it pulls the whole thing together. I mean who doesn’t want their initials on their belt? (Find your legacy letter here). Further accessorizing this outfit was my main goal, as you can tell.  Patterned tights with over the knee boots accented the entire ensemble. A cross body and a tassel necklace to complete it. What is your go to accessory? Shop mine below.



It’s Winter

It is officially winter and although it might not feel like it, a couple days ago it did. Complete with snow! How do you dress when it’s a cold winters day? Well…..fleece leggings and over the knee boots of course. I paired these two pieces with a long sweater, a brightly colored wool coat and my favorite Scarab Beetle scarf. I finished the look with this hand-made leather cross-body that tied everything together. What is you favorite winter look? Shop mine below.


Holiday Look 3

It’s officially December, so you know what that means?!? It is Christmas time! Who has finished their shopping and has their decorations up? Shopping no, decorations yes for me! As I look at my events for this holiday season, I am wondering what to wear. Do you have the same problem? If so I find the easiest way to address this is to shop your closet first by pulling out some staples. For this outfit, my staples are leggings and a button down blouse. Most women own tons of leggings and a large majority have a nice button down. Since I am a big fan of layers I added a faux fur vest to the outfit and then I accessorized with knee boots and a fancy clutch.

You always need a statement piece to wear during the season. I am loving this necklace from 7 Charming Sisters, which is an amazing company that has designed 7 different lines of jewelry (hints the 7 sisters). One of the lines is definitely going to be your style! The 7 sisters are from all aspect of life and bring their unique tastes into the line. Pick from earrings, necklaces and bracelet. You will have a hard time picking your favorite, especially since it is at a great price point. 


Thank you from 7 Charming Sisters for sponsoring this post 

Instagram Lately

It has been awhile since I have done an Insta Roundup, so I thought it was time.
Today on the blog I am sharing some of my favorite fall outfits from the blog and Instagram. Many of them easy to recreate with items in your closet. What has been your favorite fall trends? Mine are peep toe booties and I am always a fan of leopard. Fringe is the trend on my list next to style. Shop my recent outfits and accessories below.


                             Shop: Sweater | Blouse | Tote | Necklace | Pants | Booties | Earrings

                                             Shop: Dress | Jacket | Booties |  Necklace | Handbag

                                        Shop: Jeans | Heels |  Earrings | Blouse | Handbag

                                                      Shop: Handbag | Dress (one, two) | Heels

                                                   Shop: Dress | Booties | Necklace | Earrings | Clutch


Shop: Dress: One | Two | Three | Four

Shop: Booties One | Two | Three | Four 

Holiday Look #1

Shop: Blouse |  Pants |  Clutch | Heels | Earrings | Bracelet (one, two) | Lipstick

It’s holiday time! So what are you going to wear? Let me help. From now until the holidays I will be doing holiday looks on the blog that are easy to recreate. Some casual, some dressy and some in-between.

My first holiday look starts with a simple black skinny jean or a skinny pant, something that we all have in our closet. I paired it with a cranberry or merlot colored silk blouse that has sheer cape sleeves. This statement piece is too die for and will be on heavy rotation this season. I’m pretty sure this color is the color of the holidays. I added leopard print heels for texture and flair. So if you are looking for a holiday outfit you can wear to work as well as attend a social function, after hitting the grind, this is my outfit of choice.

The holidays are coming do you have do you have your outfits ready? Shop one of my favorites below.


Statement Pieces with the India Hicks Style Collection

Shop: Cross-body | Clutch | Tote | Necklace (one, two) | Bracelet (one, two) | Backpack |
                                                              Earrings (one, two)
Everyone needs a couple staples in their accessories drawer and closet. Things that you can wear everyday and things that you can wear on a special occasion. The India Hicks Lifestyle Collection has all of that, this is the main reason I became a India Hicks Style Ambassador. A couple staples you need are the perfect cross-body for everyday (I love this one here), a tote to carry work files and your computer, and then a clutch when go out at night.

What other statement pieces do you need, you ask? Well jewelry, that is! An awesome everyday statement is the legacy letter necklace ( I linked the “A” here, obviously for Absolutely Alli, but there are many other letters to choose from in gold and sliver). A necklace with a little more flair is this Free Spirt, it definitely will make a statement. If you are like me you always have on earrings when you leave the house, I like these studs for everyday and these to be a little more dressed up.

I always like a little arm candy to dress up my outfits. I am really into gold jewelry lately so this cuff is to die for, but if you are more into leather this one is for you. If you want to be a little bit more understated then the hook bracelet is what you are looking for.

What are your favorite India Hicks pieces?




Shop: Jacket | Dress | Necklace (one, two) | Handbag | Booties | Lipstick | Watch

I am always a bit cheeky! Isn’t everybody? Well in this outfit I feel like I can get away with it! I love dress and bootie season. And since this week started to feel like fall this outfit was perfect to showcase. I styled a brightly colored dress with black suede booties, a two toned fitted jacket, and a exaggerated statement necklace. All the textures and colors mixed together is what made me fall in love with fashion and personal style. I finished the look with a cross-body with gold trim and a red lip. This is probably my favorite fall look thus far and I feel like I can wear it anywhere.

What is your favorite fall look? Shop mine below.



Ponding the Moments

Shop: Dress | Booties | Necklace (one, two) | Earrings | Clutch | Belt | Watch

Sometimes you just have to stop and take it all in. We are all too busy and never really have time to enjoy life and the people who are in it. Everyone should just take a minute, sit down and take in their surroundings. Like I am doing here, people watching and pondering the moment.

While doing this. There is no need for you not to look your best! I am loving this dress and matching jacket, which I got from the Chris Yates Shop in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia. If you are ever in Melbourne you should definitely head to Mt. Eliza and visit the Chris Yates Shop. I paired this outfit with bright suede booties to give it a pop of color. I accessorized it with a leopard belt, gold jewelry and my favorite tassel clutch.

This outfit is great for day and night. Wear it to work with the jacket during the day, then shed it at night to go out with the girls for a glass of wine. Whatever you have going on or if you are just pondering the moments this outfit is perfect. Shop it below.


Photography: @framed_bysavvi